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European vacation planning

I'm noticing a pattern, essentially I only blog now after I've gone on long trips. I guess you could say that I should have tried to blog about the restaurants I eat at or events I've gone to but I don't exactly have a smashing social life. Also, there are better food blogs out there.

So back to the core of this blog post which is that I went on a vacation in London, Paris and Rome! Trust me, this was a long time coming and in fact it took me nearly a decade to convince hubby to go for it. Once we both reached a certain age, I felt that we really had to pull the trigger on this or else we'd be too old and won't have enough stamina to visit all the places we wanted to visit.

Even though this trip was mostly for me, I wanted to detail how we planned it so that if any of my readers, however minuscule that number is, would like to do the same things at least you'd have a sort of guide.

Where do you want to go?

First and foremost, you've got to decide where e…