Paso Robles weekend part 2

So the next two wineries we went to were the most memorable ones. We visited Jada Winery where for an extra $5 you can have your wine tasting paired with cheese! 


I highly recommend that you have the wine and cheese pairing as when we followed their instructions on the pairing, it truly gave another dimension to the wine.


There was a person telling us which cheese was which when she poured the wine for us. 


We particularly liked the Malstria and hubby bought a bottle to take home. Jada, was our third winery that day and my tita already refused to drink as she was tipsy. We were tired and slightly drunk ourselves. However my brother insisted that we visit one last winery since that one was by appointment only. So off we went.

Our last winery of the day was L'Aventure or The Adventure. Just visiting the place itself made us already think this was a degree above the previous places we went to. When we were positioned with the wine list we found out that the cheapest bottle was $50! My tita was intrigued so decided tipsy or not, she'd be trying the wine here as well.
Map of premises
Looking for the tasting section
As per the lady who was pouring wine for us, the L'Aventure winery came to be because someone didn't want to follow the blending rules in France and wanted to put his own spin on wine. She said something along the lines of in France they don't blend certain varietals together but the owner wanted to and came up with some pretty interesting wine of his own. 

When we tried the wine here it was good and quite full bodied. I'm glad we didn't prefer the most expensive wine. My tita got a bottle of the $50 wine for her own use at home. 

Couple shot

I was just glad that we'd be able to head to our hotel and rest since this was already the last winery of the day. We had dinner at at Catch. I think that was the name of the resto. The girl at Jada highly recommended it.

The next day, we decided to skip wine tasting and head straight for Santa Barbara where we had lunch at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Co restaurant on the pier. It had the best clam chowder I've ever tasted. The shrimp and scallop linguine wasn't that memorable. Hubby had the lobster tacos.

clam chowder

shrimp and scallop linguine

lobster tacos

After having lunch at Santa Barbara we decided to head back to base which is Orange Country. Of course we also picked up kiddo at Knott's Berry Farm then called it a day.


  1. Good to see that you both enjoyed a lot and the places and the food you shared are super amazing. Great travel diaries you both had.


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