Disneyland 2017 Day 2

For day 2, we already knew we'd be at a disadvantage the moment we entered the park because that specific day had a "Magic Morning." I tried to use RideMax to come up with various possible schedules but in the end we arrived so late, we decided to just go line up already for Peter Pan despite the 40 mins wait warning.

In retrospect, it was a good idea to line up for the ride we wanted most to ride first as I enjoyed the Peter Pan ride the most. We were also able to do other rides such as the Indiana Jones ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Manor and the Storybook Canal boats. Kiddo went off with his dad to ride Autopia too while my brother and I just waited for them.  

On this day, we spent a lot of time in line but thanks to our trusty phones, we were able to pass the time with ease. 

Waiting in line for Peter Pan
Peter Pan ride
Gosh I almost forgot, J insisted that we go to Mickey's house to get a picture with Mickey Mouse. This wasn't a long line at all. You have go through Mickey's house though first.

Picture with Mickey Mouse
My brother insisted we have lunch at Blue Bayou which we reserved way in advance. The food was quite good but quite expensive.

Blue Bayou waiting area

Kiddo also insisted we get a picture with Goofy. He was so starstruck he said to me "Mommy, Goofy touched my hand!"

Picture with Goofy
Family picture
Kiddo loves junk food and well in Disneyland I can hardly say no to him when he wants churros, ice-cream and cotton candy. You'll notice I wasn't wearing my Minnie head band anymore. I bought a cap to protect my head. 

We were able to last up to the afternoon parade which J enjoyed a lot. Of course I also bribed him with a toy.

Super excited!
The parade itself started with 3 marching bands then proceeded to showcase the various characters in Disneyland. I took videos of mostly everything but I'm not posting it here yet. Maybe if someone actually wants to see it.

This also made me realize that I don't need to lug my Fuji camera for great videos and photos because my IPhone takes darn good video as well. 

My brother was hoping we could last up to the Electrical parade and fireworks at night but I was so tired and convinced everyone that we should just go home. Whew! 


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