Disneyland 2017 Day 1

First of all let me just say that I haven't been to the original Disneyland park since I was 11. That was quite a long time ago. Let's not quibble over how long :) 

My brother who accompanied us warned me to create an itinerary so that we could plan which rides we wanted to take. Also, we had to plan our lunch breaks so that he could make reservations at the restaurants or we'd end up waiting for an hour for a table. 

So what I did was research where I found out about RideMax. Apparently it's software that is web based to calculate your Disneyland schedule based on your desired rides, the day of the week you are going and how fast you will be going. You can also input your desired break periods which will be included in the schedule. 

That's how I found out that apparently there is something called "Magic Mornings" where hotel guests can get in an hour earlier thereby creating long lines for popular rides before we non-hotel guests can even get in the park. 

The software is pretty flexible allowing you to set your start and end times and it will even calculate your queue time per ride. It also gave some good tips on where to position yourself for the parades and to use a "runner" to get FastPass tickets. 

Here's kiddo and me in the tram going to the Disneyland entrance. It was drizzling so we got to use those disposable raincoats right away!


Here I am with kiddo and my brother at the back about to enter the It's a Small World ride. 


Of course how can we go to Disneyland and not get some souvenirs in the form of caps? It's a good thing we talked kiddo out of getting the gigantic Goofy hat. He settled for this cap instead.


Here I am with J waiting for our lunch. I couldn't resist and had to get a Minnie Mouse ears headband. Also got a pink one for S.


I believe this is the Jungle Tour ride. This involved a very long line! The outside looked manageable but once we got into the queue it went all over the place. 


There's also a Star Wars Tour ride which we really liked. It was surprisingly short though and opened straight into the gift shop. I couldn't drag kiddo away in time because we ended up getting a make-your-own lightsaber. Gosh that thing is expensive! However we was really happy with it.


At around 1PM kiddo was already tired and asking if we could go home. I was sort of expecting this since it happened when we went to HK Disneyland. However we still had a day two so I joked that tomorrow I'd get a stroller for him. He was furious. Hahaha! We did last until 3PM then opted to go home. 

Next post will be Disneyland Day 2.


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