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Paso Robles weekend part 2

So the next two wineries we went to were the most memorable ones. We visited Jada Winery where for an extra $5 you can have your wine tasting paired with cheese! 

I highly recommend that you have the wine and cheese pairing as when we followed their instructions on the pairing, it truly gave another dimension to the wine.

There was a person telling us which cheese was which when she poured the wine for us. 

We particularly liked the Malstria and hubby bought a bottle to take home. Jada, was our third winery that day and my tita already refused to drink as she was tipsy. We were tired and slightly drunk ourselves. However my brother insisted that we visit one last winery since that one was by appointment only. So off we went.

Our last winery of the day was L'Aventure or The Adventure. Just visiting the place itself made us already think this was a degree above the previous places we went to. When we were positioned with the wine list we found out that the cheapest bottle was $50! My ti…

Disneyland 2017 Day 2

For day 2, we already knew we'd be at a disadvantage the moment we entered the park because that specific day had a "Magic Morning." I tried to use RideMax to come up with various possible schedules but in the end we arrived so late, we decided to just go line up already for Peter Pan despite the 40 mins wait warning.

In retrospect, it was a good idea to line up for the ride we wanted most to ride first as I enjoyed the Peter Pan ride the most. We were also able to do other rides such as the Indiana Jones ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Manor and the Storybook Canal boats. Kiddo went off with his dad to ride Autopia too while my brother and I just waited for them.  

On this day, we spent a lot of time in line but thanks to our trusty phones, we were able to pass the time with ease. 

Gosh I almost forgot, J insisted that we go to Mickey's house to get a picture with Mickey Mouse. This wasn't a long line at all. You have go through Mickey's house thoug…

Disneyland 2017 Day 1

First of all let me just say that I haven't been to the original Disneyland park since I was 11. That was quite a long time ago. Let's not quibble over how long :) 

My brother who accompanied us warned me to create an itinerary so that we could plan which rides we wanted to take. Also, we had to plan our lunch breaks so that he could make reservations at the restaurants or we'd end up waiting for an hour for a table. 

So what I did was research where I found out about RideMax. Apparently it's software that is web based to calculate your Disneyland schedule based on your desired rides, the day of the week you are going and how fast you will be going. You can also input your desired break periods which will be included in the schedule. 

That's how I found out that apparently there is something called "Magic Mornings" where hotel guests can get in an hour earlier thereby creating long lines for popular rides before we non-hotel guests can even get in the park.