Preparation for US trip

I'm back! Looks like I'm blogging again because we just finished the first long haul trip of J. It was a bit surprising to do this in the first place but hubby felt that J was old enough to go to the US. In my family it was always a big thing to do so and we siblings took turns going. 

We were able to get some Cathay Pacific premium economy tickets because my sister informed me there was a Citibank sale. We were able to get a good deal on them since all three premium economy tickets totaled less than 1 business class ticket.

Since we got tickets, I went full speed ahead on planning our itinerary. Hubby definitely wanted to go Alcatraz since he went before when he was J's age with his mom. I was sure that J would want to go to Disneyland and perhaps an aquarium or zoo. I was hoping to be able to go to a museum as well. Lastly, our relatives were planning for us to head to Las Vegas since I haven't been there yet.

Of course as all these trips are liable to do, we changed our minds when someone suggests something else. A tita suggested Universal Studios but I did not think J would enjoy such vigorous rides. My brother told me there wasn't much to do in Vegas if you didn't gamble and suggested we go wine tasting instead. Hubby immediately perked up at the mention of wine tasting and I made sure that the Vegas trip was no longer being scheduled in lieu of the wine tasting trip. So since J would not like joining us for wine tasting we agreed that he would stay with my Tita Oli who would bring him to the aquarium, LA zoo and Knott's Berry Farm. 

With this in mind, I ordered and bought items in preparation for the trip: 

1. Portable fans - these are rechargeable USB fans that you can get on Lazada for around P300 each. These would keep us cool since we would be going to Disneyland in the US summer period.

2. Cooling towels - I researched and a Disney blog recommended cooling towels for visiting Disneyland in the summer. Buy it in Amazon. Had these delivered to my brother.

3. Disposable rain ponchos - These were for instances where we would ride water rides. Last year we ended up drenched without them and I really don't want to repeat the feeling this year. Buy it in Amazon. Had these delivered to my brother.

Of course we always brought our jackets, water bottles and snacks whenever we went out. 

For my next post, I'll talk about the flight experience on Cathay Pacific's Premium Economy.


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