Paso Robles weekend part 1

Finally hubby and I get to do something child free. J happily went with my Tita for a few days while my other Tita took us to Cabazon for the day. I'll skip that part because I don't want to remember how much I spent. When people ask me about it I always refer to it as a "hold-up." :P

Anyway, Paso Robles is the wine country that is near LA in the same way that Napa is near San Francisco. However it isn't that well known yet and not as commercialized. 

Our first stop is Eberle Winery. The wine was ok and the wine tasting was free. It seems that they have an outdoor area where a restaurant comes in to sell food so you can make it a lunch destination as well.
Entrance of Eberle
Picture with brother and hubby
Wine price list
Eberle knickknacks
Happy hubby with wine
Decor at Eberle
Eberle vineyards
The giant hog of Eberle
The wine was already something we liked and we were considering buying a bottle but my brother reminded me we were just getting started and there might be other wines we would like more. He apparently carefully picked the wineries we'd be going to so the best was yet to come.

Since we arrived around 10/11 in Eberle, our next stop would be lunch at La Cosecha. It's supposed to be one of the most popular restaurants in Paso Robles and the food was quite good. We decided to just share one appetizer and two pizzas. Serving sizes were quite large and the food was so filling, we took out the leftover slices.

La Cosecha menu
Pizza Margherita
Pizza Mediterrano
Our second winery for the day was Justin. As per my brother, this was the most commercialized of all the wineries we'd be visiting. It was also the most secluded.

Welcome to Justin
Justin wine list

We definitely enjoyed our wine tasting at Justin. In fact we bought wine here. I bought the Right Angle to give as a gift to my other relatives when we go over for dinner while my brother bought a different wine for my dad. 

Justin also had some other merchandise such as flavored olive oil and hand cream.

Flavored olive oil
Hand cream
Justin vineyards
Whew that was a long blog post. I'll put the rest of the wineries in part two.


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