How to sprint from one end of HKIA to the other

In my previous post I said we were taking Cathay Pacific's Premium Economy. This of course won't matter much when your flight is two hours delayed and you end up sprinting from one end of HKIA to the other in order to make your connecting flight. 

I had high hopes of being able to go around the HKIA DFS but this was not meant to be. 

I told the ground crew that I was very concerned but they kept saying that the ground crew in HKIA would help us. Spoiler: they did not. It's a good thing that we are able to look up the gate info on our seat screen. I knew before we landed that we'd have to haul our asses from one end of HKIA to the other. Heck, we landed 30 mins before the departure of our connecting flight! 

We ran though I tired easily since I had my backpack. Hubby then grabbed my backpack as well and he still ran faster carrying three backpacks while J and I tried to keep up with him. We managed to get through security and board our connecting flight because I would tell every airport personnel I bumped into that we were trying to make our flight. 

Good thing we had our Premium Economy boarding passes. This allowed us to board and not queue at the economy line. Also helpful was that our connecting flight was also delayed. Haaaay. Imagine doing that at 12 midnight!

Aside from the flight delay, I must say the experience itself is worth it. The seats allow a bit more recline than a normal economy seat. This allows you to actually not need a neck pillow if you want to sleep. It was quite comfortable and I hope I never take economy again for long haul trips. 

I'm not sure if the food is the same as business class or regular economy since this is my first time taking  Cathay Pacific. However, the food options are quite broad. I was able to log in and manage my booking at the website and specify pesco-vegetarian meals for hubby and kiddie meals for J. This alone is super helpful because J is liable not to eat if he doesn't like the food then screams bloody murder that he is hungry an hour later. Hubby on the other hand will refuse anything that has meat in it and just avoid thinking about his stomach until the next meal. 

Another aspect of premium economy I appreciated was that the stewardess was going around at times to offer snacks such as fruit and chips/nuts. I was able to grab a banana several times. 

So let's say you don't want to sleep but the person in front of you does? No worries as even if they do recline their seat fully like what happened to me, you are still functional though slightly cramped. I was still able to watch movies in the screen in front of me that pivots to allow the best viewing angle. They also had a good variety of films and some recent ones I was glad to watch. I was able to watch Logan, The Girl on the Train and The Return of XXX. Please don't judge me haha. 

J watched the Angry Birds movie again and again. At least he was able to amuse himself though I made sure that his screen was child locked. Wouldn't want him watching anything objectionable. 

So yes, the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy is worth it for long haul flights.


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