Alcatraz Island tour

All I knew about Alcatraz was that it was a former prison. We actually wanted to go last year but apparently the tickets get sold out quickly. You need to buy them several weeks ahead of time.

To get to Alcatraz we had to take the ferry from Oakland to San Francisco. Family picture below with an extra little person.


J and N posing in front of the ferry entrance.


J and N amusing themselves during the ferry ride. We stayed inside since it was quite cold.


We had a brief lunch at one of the restaurants at the pier. I can't recall which one. Then it was off to board the Alcatraz ferry.




I think the island was first established as a fort to keep people out. In time, they turned it into a prison to keep people in. Note kiddo posing next to a howitzer.


This guy was sort of giving the orientation once we went to the arrival area. He gave a pretty good idea of how big the island was a brief history. He also told us where to start the audio tour and that it was possible to go to the other side of the island if we wanted to check the birds.


You have to walk about a very long inclined road. I got a bit tired at the incline.


Cue pics of J in Alcatraz. The headphones are used in the audio tour which is included in the ticket cost. 


J behind bars!!


This was the visitors area where inmates could receive visitors.


This is outside the control room of the prison.


I found Alcatraz ok. I think my dad who is a history buff, would have enjoyed it more. This was our last full day in SF as our flight to Orange County was the next day. Thus, we had dinner at East Ocean which is a Chinese restaurant in Oakland and is a tradition that this branch of the family has whenever visitors come over.

Next stop: Orange County 


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