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Welcome to the OC (b1tch)

Does anyone else remember that line from the OC? More to the point, am I showing my age? Anyway, my brother lives in Orange County and he is whom we would be staying with in that neck of the woods. 

If one of you readers do remember the now defunct show The OC, then you'll remember that it was filled with drama and a lot of rich people. Suffice to say when we were in the OC, there were lots of high end cars there like Porsches, BMWs, Mercedez-Benzs and even a Lamborghini or Tesla or two. Plus, there was an area we passed by where people parked their yachts outside their houses. I kid you not. 

However what I want to showcase in this post is the food! Unfortunately I barely remember some of the other restaurants we ate in except for Slapfish. 

So in Slapfish, you definitely have to try the lobster roll. I should have placed some hot sauce on mine but it was definitely flavorful. We also got some chowder fries because who wouldn't want to try clam chowder poured over french fries?!

Alcatraz Island tour

All I knew about Alcatraz was that it was a former prison. We actually wanted to go last year but apparently the tickets get sold out quickly. You need to buy them several weeks ahead of time.

To get to Alcatraz we had to take the ferry from Oakland to San Francisco. Family picture below with an extra little person.

J and N posing in front of the ferry entrance.

J and N amusing themselves during the ferry ride. We stayed inside since it was quite cold.

We had a brief lunch at one of the restaurants at the pier. I can't recall which one. Then it was off to board the Alcatraz ferry.

I think the island was first established as a fort to keep people out. In time, they turned it into a prison to keep people in. Note kiddo posing next to a howitzer.

This guy was sort of giving the orientation once we went to the arrival area. He gave a pretty good idea of how big the island was a brief history. He also told us where to start the audio tour and that it was possible to go to the other side of t…

Paso Robles weekend part 1

Finally hubby and I get to do something child free. J happily went with my Tita for a few days while my other Tita took us to Cabazon for the day. I'll skip that part because I don't want to remember how much I spent. When people ask me about it I always refer to it as a "hold-up." :P

Anyway, Paso Robles is the wine country that is near LA in the same way that Napa is near San Francisco. However it isn't that well known yet and not as commercialized. 

Our first stop is Eberle Winery. The wine was ok and the wine tasting was free. It seems that they have an outdoor area where a restaurant comes in to sell food so you can make it a lunch destination as well.
The wine was already something we liked and we were considering buying a bottle but my brother reminded me we were just getting started and there might be other wines we would like more. He apparently carefully picked the wineries we'd be going to so the best was yet to come.

Since we arrived around 10/11 in Eb…

Visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

This will be my second time meeting Hubby's relatives in Oakland and the first time for J. We arrived late at night and Hubby's cousin Reggie suggested that tomorrow, instead of going to the cemetery to visit their late relatives, we go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I was a bit apprehensive since we would most likely be affected by jet lag. However Reggie said that the Monterey Bay Aquarium was two hours away so we'd get to nap on the way thus we agreed. Also, N, Reggie's daughter would come along and provide company for J.

The next day, J was thrilled to meet his cousin N.

Now J has a little sister S who unfortunately is only 3 and can't really discuss stuff intelligibly all the time so J was thrilled that he could talk and play with N. 

We also opted to get prepaid T-Mobile sims so that we could get mobile internet and phone service.

When we arrived in Monterey we were a bit hungry. We decided to opt for Bubba Gump since it was a resto we recognized.

While waiting for …