Day 2: Hong Kong Disneyland

  I like to plan so basically I already knew that I would purchase the tourist all day MTR tickets for us. We walked to the nearest MTR station and I didn't even need to show my passport to get these all days tourist tickets. They were quite cheap too at HKD55 for an adult.

  Thanks to the HK MTR app, I knew which lines to ride and interchange with. It was very easy to finally get on the Disneyland line which had cute train windows cut out to resemble the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. The train was very comfy too with cushioned seats.

  Once we got to Disneyland, hubby lined up to retrieve our pre-bought tickets and he was able to get them by showing identification and the credit card used. We got there a bit early but just in time for rope drop. Now the technique from what I've researched is that you want to go to the farthest rides first since those will probably not have any lines.

TIP: Go on a week day!

  We rushed ahead to the It's a Small World attraction where there were no lines to speak of. Kiddo liked it a lot and when we got out it was fairly easy to ride the tea cups, go to PhilHarmagic, Mystic Manor and the caterpillar-like ride. The only one we really lined up for was the Parachute drop. We lined up for less than 5 minutes for the Grizzly Gulch mine cart ride.

 Around lunch time we found the nearest food court and ate over-priced blah food. Gosh, the food was so expensive and simply edible. I wish I could say there is an alternative but there isn't unless you bring your own food.

  We wanted to go watch the Lion King but the lines were too long and after the visit to Tarzan's tree house we were wilting in the heat. Kiddo emphatically wanted to go home already less than 4 hours after we arrived. I wanted to tell him there were fireworks at 8PM but everyone was exhausted. If we stayed at the Disneyland hotel we could have rested up and set out again but we made our choice.

  So off we went to ride the MTR again back to our hotel. Once we got back we had a a siesta were everyone rested up. I think this is when we decided to go eat at Delicious Kitchen. We came across it yesterday when I was buying a prepaid HK sim and I remember my friend's notes about it. Short review: It was delicious! It was also quite affordable. Yum-yum, too bad we weren't able to return for a second meal there.


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