Day 1: We're off to Hong Kong!

  Now it just so happened that around this time Philippine airports were embroiled in what is called the Tanim Bala scandal. Basically the news outlets and netizens were outraged when a bullet would be found in the luggage of departing passengers. The craziest thing about it is when the reports would say a bullet was found in the luggage of senior citizens, a woman in a wheel chair and a guy who was in the country as part of an NGO. Their profiles don't lend themselves well to a story where they brazenly bring a bullet to the airport. They were "caught" and made to either confess that the bullet is an amulet or they were threatened with jail if they didn't cough up the "fee" for letting get away with it.

  Worrywart that I am, I could barely sleep the night before our plane ride. I was so paranoid that I taped, yes taped, the zippers in my luggage. Good thing nothing happened to us on our way in. I made sure that no one was allowed to touch my luggage even if it was huge and heavy. Plus, I always kept my eye on it. Now that was difficult since I also had to keep an eye on my kid. However once we were able to check-in our luggage, I was able to relax.

  I'm not sure if you're interested in knowing that I used a two bag system for carry-ons. I had my Pacsafe messenger bag for critical items like phones, camera, wallet, passports, tissue and sanitary spray. Then I had a backpack that contained snacks, extra shirts and jackets for me and kiddo. The messenger bag is just too convenient because I have my hands free and yet can easily access items inside.

  Why do I need my hands free? Because I needed to hold kiddo's hand at all times. Kiddo has this habit of running off so I didn't want to lose him. Yes, I hardly looked like a sosyal traveler but I've always prioritized convenience and comfort over style. Hubby may disagree since there was that time I wanted to go around in boots but I swear I've learned my lesson!

  Despite the fact that it was crowded at the gate, kiddo was thrilled to be going to another country. He refused to eat the food on the plane though so I noted that we'd need to grab food after checking in the hotel. We landed safely in Hong Kong airport and was able to exit immigration with no hassle. I bought airport express tickets and we rode the train to Kowloon station. From there we took the K2 bus to our hotel.

  After checking in, we were famished and decided to go to my favorite place for cheap food, the Silvercord food court. However when we got there, it was under renovation! I was so sad. We ended up at Din Tai Fung on the top floor of Silvercord and it was a good meal.

  It still wasn't check in time so we went around the mall, had coffee in Starbucks and checked out the view of the harbor. Once we were able to check in, I made sure kiddo slept since he must have been exhausted. In fact, we all had a brief siesta. When we woke up we checked out the toy store where kiddo gravitated towards the Star Wars toys but I told him we wouldn't purchase anything yet since it was only our first day.

  I forgot where we had dinner that day. Kiddo ended up enjoying the bath tub and building a volcano out of bubbles. Next post, Day 2: Hong Kong Disneyland!


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