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Day 1: We're off to Hong Kong!

Now it just so happened that around this time Philippine airports were embroiled in what is called the Tanim Bala scandal. Basically the news outlets and netizens were outraged when a bullet would be found in the luggage of departing passengers. The craziest thing about it is when the reports would say a bullet was found in the luggage of senior citizens, a woman in a wheel chair and a guy who was in the country as part of an NGO. Their profiles don't lend themselves well to a story where they brazenly bring a bullet to the airport. They were "caught" and made to either confess that the bullet is an amulet or they were threatened with jail if they didn't cough up the "fee" for letting get away with it.

  Worrywart that I am, I could barely sleep the night before our plane ride. I was so paranoid that I taped, yes taped, the zippers in my luggage. Good thing nothing happened to us on our way in. I made sure that no one was allowed to touch my luggage even …

Day 2: Hong Kong Disneyland

I like to plan so basically I already knew that I would purchase the tourist all day MTR tickets for us. We walked to the nearest MTR station and I didn't even need to show my passport to get these all days tourist tickets. They were quite cheap too at HKD55 for an adult.

  Thanks to the HK MTR app, I knew which lines to ride and interchange with. It was very easy to finally get on the Disneyland line which had cute train windows cut out to resemble the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. The train was very comfy too with cushioned seats.

  Once we got to Disneyland, hubby lined up to retrieve our pre-bought tickets and he was able to get them by showing identification and the credit card used. We got there a bit early but just in time for rope drop. Now the technique from what I've researched is that you want to go to the farthest rides first since those will probably not have any lines.

TIP: Go on a week day!

  We rushed ahead to the It's a Small World attraction where there were…

Preparations for J's first foreign trip

Whew! It's been quite a while since I last blogged but that's probably because I've been distracted with work, family and video games. Anyway, last year we asked kiddo if he wanted to go to Disneyland or go have a birthday party. Last year he wanted a birthday party so we had one at McDonald's and invited all his friends and classmates. This year however he decided he wanted to go to Disneyland so that is what I had to plan for.

Buy your plane tickets
  First of all, you want to get cheap tickets. If you plan this far in advance you can probably wait for a Philippine Airlines sale. I'm not recommending Cebu Pacific because I don't want to worry too much about flights being cancelled or being bumped off a flight when I have my child with me. Other people will remark and say the deals are too good to discount but I'd rather have peace of mind.
 So go ahead and wait for a sale so that you can get a good deal on the those airline tickets. I'm assuming of c…