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Kikufuji and their amazing wagyu sticks

I celebrated my birthday last week and treated the family to Kikufuji. It was my family's first time though hubby and I have eaten there before. I made sure to order what I considered the cheap but yummy grilled sticks. I ordered the wagyu sticks, chicken wings, chicken skin, enoki wrapped mushrooms and a seaweed salad for hubby. Hubby also opted for some salmon sashimi which he said was very fresh and had nice thick slices.

For kiddo, I ordered the chicken kaarage and the katsudon lunch set since we all share anyway. Unfortunately, kiddo is so used to fried chicken that he barely ate. Sayang talaga yung food that I had him try.

On the flip side, I ate a lot of the wagyu sticks which is so soft and yummy. I also ate the other sticks but shared with my siblings. My sisters also ordered a sushi platter but I don't eat sushi. I do however eat shrimp tempura so we ate 3 orders of that as well. You can also order the fried rice from their sister restaurant. That will just be includ…