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Va Bene is a dream come true

I've heard so many things about Va Bene and have wanted to visit the restaurant for such a long time. It just happened that I was able to cajole hubby into taking me there when we happened to have a Friday night free.

Va Bene is located at the Petron Gas Station on EDSA and I was a bit scared that we wouldn't find parking but we were luckily able to. There's a guy who will help you find parking if you tell him where you're headed.

For starters I got the mushroom soup. It was ok and I've had better for a much cheaper price. For my main, I decided to get the squid ink pasta with Seafood in a light tomato sauce and it was amazing. The usual squid ink pasta I get is the Al Nero from Cibo but sometimes it doesn't taste consistently good. This squid ink pasta from Va Bene was so yummy and it didn't have a funky taste at all. You could taste a slight lemony tang and the blending of the seafood with the tomato sauce. This dish was so good I wanted to lick the plate…