Visit to Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and Masquiteria de la Salamanca

Thursday was a rainy day. However I thought that maybe I could still do what I planned on my schedule and set off for MNAC or Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. My siblings told me to go there and of course I put it down in my schedule and bought a ticket again online.

I took the subway route that was calculated by Google Maps as the fastest  but to my disappointment, it was raining so hard and the walk I would be making would be up the hill. So I abandoned my plan and took the subway back to Plaza Cataluna and just went around the shopping centers there. I can easily spend hours at the ground floor checking out all the cosmetics and skin care items anyway.

While I was having lunch hubby called me that he had the rest of the afternoon off so I went back to the hotel to meet him. Turns out he and his boss still had use of the car and driver and I suggested we go to the museum since the car could bring us directly there.

The MNAC actually sits on top of an elevated part of Barcelona. I actually passed by on my Hop On-Hop Off tour and was able to take pictures of when it wasn't raining.

Cafe area outside of MNAC

Panoramic shot of the view from MNAC

Facade of MNAC

MNAC is huge! There is a long lobby area that leads to a place where you get to choose the exhibits you want to view. It was amazing being able to check out the lesser known artists of Barcelona.

Le Morte de Cleopatra

Ceiling of the dome


This last image was particularly stunning to me. The painting looked almost alive. There was loads of art that I wish I took more pictures of but sometimes you just want to absorb the art. There were paintings that would span an entire wall and some up to the ceiling as well. I know nothing about art but I just appreciated what I saw.

We didn't even see the entire museum when we decided to go have early dinner. We asked the driver to take us to a good resto in Barceloneta since that is where the best seafood is supposed to be. Unfortunately a lot of them were still closed till we finally ended up at Masquiteria de la Salamanca.

We ordered their pica-pica platter, some paella negra and the Estrella beer.


Bread with tomato and olive oil

Pica-pica platter

So their pica-pica platter is the size of a serving tray. Yep, it is that big. to the right you'll see fried baby squid. To the left that is fried anchovies and the top and bottom are calamares. The center is fried green peppers. Mels immediately requested for some aioli and we generously dipped everything in it. It was so freaking good.

close up shot of the pica-pica platter

Paella Negra

So my siblings warned me that paella is usually ordered per person so we ordered for 3 persons. We should have ordered for two only as the paella they served us was huge. When they say per person it is like a whole plate of paella is for you. This paella negra was fantastic with the aioli we asked for.

As we were leaving the resto the pinoy wait staff said hi to us. Too bad we didn't see them earlier. So out we went back under the rain and the driver took us back to the hotel where we collapsed into a food coma induced sleep.


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