Cerveseria Catalana: The best food to get in Barcelona

Before I left for Barcelona my new office mate Tim told me to make time to eat at Cerversaria Catalana. I saw that it had good reviews online but wasn't that intent on making it a priority. After a day at La Roca where I was able to buy a Fino bag at a bagsak (really low) price we decided to go visit the place. The wait time was 30 minutes. I was like "whut?" why is it so long but noticed that the place was packed and people were really waiting. Our curiosity was piqued and we decided to wait.

It's a good thing we waited because we ended up eating the best food I tasted in Barcelona. Our waitress was a Pinay who had been in Barcelona for the last 25 years. She was so happy to talk with fellow pinoys that she told us exactly what to order and boy were we happy we followed her.

Sampler platter

The sampler platter is their best seller because you get to taste several of the tapas at one go. At around 15 euros this was a good deal. It had calamares, shrimp, fried green peppers, clams and croquetas. Believe me when I saw everything was so so good. The croquetas were a wonder from the first bite. I never thought croquetas could taste so yummy. The clams were juicy and flavorful that I just slurped them up. The shrimp was good as well. The calamares was so addictive after a squeeze of lemon and dunk in aioli. We had to order the calamares and clams again.

Close up of the clams and green peppers

We had beer again since we were with Mels. She kept saying that this was the best food she'd tasted in Barcelona and she's been here twice na. After stuffing ourselves full of tapas we still opted to get dessert and shared a creme brulee cake. Yummy.

Creme Brulee cake

This was an amazing meal. We loved it so much hubby and I ate dinner here for two more straight days. If you eat at only once place in Barcelona make it Cerveseria Catalana.


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