Visiting the Sagrada Familia

Gosh, my Barcelona posts are way overdue. I guess I was just overwhelmed with the number of pictures I took and places I went. I still feel the urge to just save this post to draft but I must forge on!

If there's one place that I've heard I must visit in Barcelona, it was the Sagrada Familia. This is a church unlike any other because for one thing, it is still being worked on and has been in construction for several decades! Thus, I did my research and heard about the long lines so I made sure that I booked a guided tour in advance so we strolled up to the entrance and went in unlike many who were in the line that snaked around the block.

Ready for our guided tour

If you'll note the picture above, hubby and I were dressed in winter clothing. In fact, I was wearing three layers! It was so cold. So very cold. Even our guide joked that it was cold for the native Catalans as well.

One thing you notice about the Sagrada Familia is that there are a lot of carvings/sculptures on the outside. Gaudi is the one who planned the Sagrada Familia and thus we now see how overly ornate items can be called gaudy. Almost every meter had some kind of design and every statue had a meaning.


Upon entering the Sagrada Familia we were told a little about the history of it. Looking up, we were told that those discs you see are sundials. They let the sunlight in.


Here is a view of the main nave. Even the pillars have some sort of meaning as they are made with different materials the closer you get to the altar. Those round things near the middle are medallions that are supposed to symbolize the prophets of Christ. There are five for the five books of the Bible I believe.


Here's a shot of me in front of the altar or as near as I could get.

Another awesome sight were the stained glass windows. Not all of them are done yet. Since our guided tour was in the morning, we were able to catch the rays of the rising sun flowing through the glass casting multicolored light on the floor.


Hubby especially liked it.

Here's another amazing shot of the ceiling. It is spectacular.

Here's an outside view of the Sagrada Familia. Gaudi kind of went overboard. Not all the towers are done yet. Everything is being targeted to finish in 15 more years.

This I believe is supposed to depict the Nativity of Christ. You'll notice that there are angels in the upper right and left. The three kings are in the lower left and I think more angels in the lower right. I hope my memory is correct.

Here's another shot of the church still in construction.

If you would like to book a tour in advance, you may visit the Sagrada Familia website here but the tickets for tours are here. I highly recommend getting a guided tour in the morning. It's a great way to start your day.  I think I spent around 30 euros for the guided tour for the two of us. I don't remember. Please just consult the web sites.


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