Visit to La Pedrera/ Casa Mila

Ok, I seem to be on a roll here. Time for another blog post for another Gaudi creation: the Casa Mila or La Pedrera. In the olden days, cue 1920's music, great architects were also asked to design the homes of influential families. Wait, that's not much different from now. Anyway, Gaudi designed and built the homes of two significant families, the Mila family and the Batlo family. I only went to one house however and I choose Casa Mila because it was nearer my hotel. This was on the same day that I went to Sagrada Familia so I really didn't want to walk very far.

The ticket cost me around 16 euros which I found a bit expensive. However I was there already so decided to pay up and go in. The line wasn't long at the time so it took all of five minutes before I was able to enter and behold a sort of atrium on my way to the elevator.


Apparently, La Pedrera as a tourist attraction is divided into several areas. There's the roof, the attic which is also the museum of weird artifacts (I'll get to that later) and the rooms. In the interest of giving readers an idea of what Casa Mila looks like, here's a miniature below. Please forgive me as I use Casa Mila and La Pedrera interchangeably. They are the same.


You start off by entering the elevator which takes you straight to the roof. On that roof you will see some really fantastical and weird sculptures. There's a group of helmeted heads that is collectively known as the warriors. If you've been to Sagrada Familia, you'll notice that there was a design similar to the warriors there as well. As per our guide, it is a motif that appears regularly in Gaudi's works.


It was really cold on that roof and unfortunately I was alone and not willing to ask strangers to take my picture. That's something that I got over of in time.


When I say freaky, I wasn't kidding.

Something not PG-13 crosses my mind when I look at the picture below. Ahem, I will leave it to your vivid imagination dear reader to guess what I was thinking. Suffice it to say when hubby saw my pictures he was convinced Gaudi was on/smoking something as he dreamed these things up.


So, remember this is the first part of the tourist attraction. Once you've had your fill of freaky sculptures, it is time to descend to the attic.

Gaudi apparently did not just slap some bricks on each other to come up with fantastical creations. He carefully planned everything he wanted to do.

Gaudi would always make scale models of the places he designed and built.

I don't know which place the object below was supposed to be.

I think this one is supposed to be part of Parc Guell.

Gaudi had an interesting way of figuring out where the beams and ceilings would need support. He would get chains and suspend them from the ceiling. Then he would position a mirror below to be able to see the chains as an upside down building!

So despite my suspicion that Gaudi was high on drugs, he was actually a very careful planner. After roaming around the attic, I finally ended up in the last part of the building which is the living quarters and rooms of the Mila family.

Old bicycle

young child's room





dining table

old school gramophone

It was like being able to take a peek at how the family lived in the 1920's. Everything looked preserved like a family member could step right back in at any moment. I personally was not impressed with the bathroom since I believe my lola's house probably is still using the same kind of fixtures hehe.

For my souvenir, I got myself a music box at 10 euros. When I was a little girl I remember my mom showing me her music boxes. Thus it was a no brainer to get one for myself. I think this one plays a song by Vivaldi.


Would I recommend a visit to La Pedrera? Probably not since most people say that Casa Batlo is better since every room is designed differently. These two places aren't that far apart and it doesn't make sense to go to both. Oh well, chalk it up to experience.

FYI, you can also buy tickets for La Pedrera online but I chose not to.


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