Taking the Hop On/Hop Off tour in Barcelona Part 2

  This is part two of my post on my Hop On/ Hop Off tour in Barcelona. If you want to read part 1, you may do so here. Anyway, when I bought the tour I bought the option for two days. Thus, I kept my brochure, earphones and ticket to reuse on my second day.

  On the second day, I did the same as yesterday getting on the tour from the La Pedrera stop. However instead of taking the West route, I took the East route. Both routes are the same for the first two stops which are Plaza Cataluna and the Bario Gotic.

  I remember my siblings telling me to check out the beach because it was nice but since it was cold, there really wasn't anyone on the beach.


What I was able to do was walk a bit from one of the stops to the Catedral de Santa del Mar. This church is another example of Gothic architecture like the Gothic Cathedral. I also found it quite beautiful.





Stained Glass Windows

View of the interior

  I consider myself really lucky to have been able to visit these cathedrals without having to deal with crowds.  Going during the weekday is a good idea. While I was going around, hubby excitedly called me that he got tickets to El Clasico and that he wanted me to buy him a beanie. I did not know what El Clasico was but apparently hubby was able to get tickets to a FCB - Real Madrid football game that same evening! So off  I went to Glories. I had lunch there and bought hubby a beanie from H&M.

  I still had some time before I had to meet hubby so I was able to squeeze in Parc Guell. I don't have a lot of pictures because that is a very popular tourist place and it was so cold. I was just using my phone so I would need to remove my gloves to take pictures and I didn't want to do so.

Arches in Parc Guell

  I gave in though and decided I needed at least one picture before rushing off to take the bus back to La Pedrera and walking back to the hotel. I even slept a bit. When hubby returned it turns out several of his office mates were going to be watching and we were lucky enough to hitch a ride with them to Camp Nou.

  Hubby was super excited and he was getting all giggly like a girl once we were outside the stadium. I have never seen anything so big. It was bigger than the Araneta Coliseum. Outside we could hear people chanting their team songs. The energy was all around us further hyping us up. Our tickets got us high seats and the people there helped us find our seats despite not talking to us in English. We had an amazing view.

View from our seat

Hubby watching the game

  Unfortunately, FCB got creamed  by Real Madrid in this game. However it didn't matter to us because we witnessed something that was once in a lifetime. I doubt we'll ever get the chance to watch another El Classico in Camp Nou anytime soon. So with that, our night ended once we got back to the hotel.


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