Choosing to exercise

I used to be a gym rat often going regularly to the gym twice or thrice a week. That was when I was either in close proximity to Gold's Gym, or Fitness First and even Slimmer's World. I haven't gone to the gym in quite a while because I've found that I now prefer to go in the mornings and thus the gym's shower area is very important to me.

In my current job, there's a Slimmer's World right at the ground floor of our building but I was turned off by the facilities. The last time I worked out at a Slimmer's World I made an effort to shower at home even if it took more time. That's how picky I am with regards to the bath room facilities.

Another factor that prevented me from going all-out on the gym was the very expensive monthly fee that they would charge. Even worse is the fact that they will ask you to commit to a certain period of time if you want a favorable monthly rate. I just  couldn't do that. Other places offering classes like Pilates were straight out expensive.

I was really sad since I had been putting on a lot of weight and really felt the need to exercise. I did try running around the village in the morning and using the TRX straps hubby bought before but it just isn't enough.

It is ironic that I am now proud to say I am nearing my 1 month anniversary of practicing yoga. I went to one yoga lesson years ago and did not enjoy it. However like I said, I wanted to try something new and my office mate told me that he went to several yoga lessons at a place that opened relatively near our office. I decided to give it a try and I am now hooked.

I never thought I'd say that not only do I enjoy yoga but that I find myself looking forward to my next practice session. I am a freak in that I am stupendously not flexible and often find myself straining to reach places other students in the class do so with ease. I'm not letting it stop me though because of the very friendly and encouraging yoga teachers.

I am a bit put off by only two shower stalls at Bliss Yoga but I try to look at the bright side that waiting my turn allows me to cool off after a strenuous class. Of course I also like the fact that the place is still quite new and clean. I do wish it was nearer the office but it's not that long a walk anyway.

I took advantage of their promo which is 40% off the second month if you purchase 2 months worth. This promo ends in April so if you want to grab it, you have until this Tuesday to do so.

Bliss Yoga Manila - Makati

Unit 203 Plaza One Hundred
VA Rufino Street corner Dela Rosa
Brgy. San Lorenzo, Makati City


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