A new activity requires new equipment

I should also title this post, "Marissa goes shopping for yoga equipment." Ok, so from my previous post you now know that I've been attending yoga classes. I have this old Nike yoga mat that I was using but darn it would get so slippery once my sweat drips on it and my knees would get all achy if I had to kneel on it for too long.

I looked at my classmates using relatively thicker mats and decided that since I was making a commitment to yoga, I needed at least equipment that would help me in it. Thus I decided that I needed a new yoga mat and a yoga towel. If you go to Bliss Yoga, they will actually let you rent a mat for P50 but why bother when you can buy your own and practice yoga yourself at any time at home?

Anyway, in pursuit of kiddo's soccer shoes in BGC, I stumbled upon a yoga shop called Certified Calm. I didn't realize yoga was such a big thing already here in Manila because when I first tried it years ago there were no standalone yoga equipment shops. Now there is one but wow the items are quite expensive.

I tried to justify it by thinking that if I was a runner, I would invest in a PHP3k plus pair of running shoes. However I am an avid Amazon shopper and on the site I learned that the price to be had online was a bit more affordable. I'm glad my office mate went to the States and graciously agreed to bring back any items I ordered from Amazon. So I logged in and bought a new Jade Harmony yoga mat and a Yoga Rat towel.

I choose a cute orange color for the mat and a rather unique gray/purple combination for the towel. Links and images are below. All in all, I'm rather glad of the savings I got grabbing these items from  Amazon. However I know I am lucky in that I won't be able to rely on people coming back from the US all the time.

I did however purchase a Yogi Toes towel from Certified Calm while waiting for my Amazon order. It was the microfiber one not the one with dots. However I still found it slippery when I first started the class. Once it was soaked with my sweat it was less slippery.

On the other hand, I'm pretty happy with the Jade mat. It's firm yet not hard with just enough bounce. It is a bit heavier than my old mat but I guess that's the price I have to pay. The Yoga Rat towel is definitely much better than the Yogi Toes one. It is not slippery and absorbs my sweat. I'll probably do a more thorough review after a few more sessions.

If you want to purchase the same items as me, the links are below.


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