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On the way to Barcelona!

I'm not actually on my way to Barcelona but I did recently come from there and I guess this is a good time to start blogging about my adventures there as well as test the blogger app for IOS.

First of all, I was going to be alone thus I needed to determine what I would be doing, where I would be eating and how much money I would need. I'm lucky in that I know several people who have visited Barcelona in the last year. They told me to estimate maybe 30 euros per person per meal. In retrospect, that's only if you plan on eating at pricey establishments. You can get a decent bowl of pasta and a drink for less than 10 euros at a coffee shop but I digress.

I believe I can sum up my planning into three steps which is research, schedule and have fun.

Step 1: Research
I started out planning for my trip by visiting TripAdvisor, which is a travel site for booking tours and hotels. Not only that but it also has a forum where members can ask each other questions about recent or future…

A new activity requires new equipment

I should also title this post, "Marissa goes shopping for yoga equipment." Ok, so from my previous post you now know that I've been attending yoga classes. I have this old Nike yoga mat that I was using but darn it would get so slippery once my sweat drips on it and my knees would get all achy if I had to kneel on it for too long.

I looked at my classmates using relatively thicker mats and decided that since I was making a commitment to yoga, I needed at least equipment that would help me in it. Thus I decided that I needed a new yoga mat and a yoga towel. If you go to Bliss Yoga, they will actually let you rent a mat for P50 but why bother when you can buy your own and practice yoga yourself at any time at home?

Anyway, in pursuit of kiddo's soccer shoes in BGC, I stumbled upon a yoga shop called Certified Calm. I didn't realize yoga was such a big thing already here in Manila because when I first tried it years ago there were no standalone yoga equipment shops.…

Choosing to exercise

I used to be a gym rat often going regularly to the gym twice or thrice a week. That was when I was either in close proximity to Gold's Gym, or Fitness First and even Slimmer's World. I haven't gone to the gym in quite a while because I've found that I now prefer to go in the mornings and thus the gym's shower area is very important to me.

In my current job, there's a Slimmer's World right at the ground floor of our building but I was turned off by the facilities. The last time I worked out at a Slimmer's World I made an effort to shower at home even if it took more time. That's how picky I am with regards to the bath room facilities.

Another factor that prevented me from going all-out on the gym was the very expensive monthly fee that they would charge. Even worse is the fact that they will ask you to commit to a certain period of time if you want a favorable monthly rate. I just  couldn't do that. Other places offering classes like Pilates wer…