HSBC sucks!

Dear friends,
  I apologize in advance, but this is a rant post. Feel free to skip this but if you would like to know what I'm currently going through - read on!

  Back last year I noticed that I had enough Rewards points to get a Rustan's gift certificate. I've done this before and wasn't expecting it to be very difficult to get. However weeks passed and I still haven't received my gift certificate notice. Please note that it is called a notice since you must present the letter from HSBC that you can claim your Rustan's gift certificates from the branch of your choice. I followed up with HSBC where the person who received my call said that it is being processed and will be sent within 10 working days.
  Two weeks pass and I still haven't received my notice. I follow up and they inform me that it has been delivered to my old address and Lito M. received it. I said that was my previous address from two years ago and I've updated my address. I filed a complaint explaining that anyway, Lito M. will be unable to use my notice since you must present the credit card along with the letter to claim the gift certificates. Thus, after a month which is the effective period of the gift certificates, they'll know it wasn't claimed since I have my card and Mr. Lito does not and HSBC will realize that they delivered it to the wrong address talaga.
  I follow up after a month, my complaint is still being processed. I follow up again and they said they have printed out the notice again and will send it within 10 working days. After two weeks, I still have not received anything. I call HSBC up and ask for the status and it has been delivered once again to my old address. I complain again, they promise to e-mail someone to figure out what to do.
  This year I follow up again and HSBC says that they will deliver to my current address. I follow up and they gave the notice to a security guard of our village because no one was home. This is frankly impossible since we have a helper who always is at home. Plus, why would they give my personal mail to the security guard of the village? If that person was even a security guard. I don't even know if this is true or not. I reiterated that only I or X our helper is authorized to receive my mail. They said they will print the notice out again and deliver it by Feb.
  It is now March. I just called them up again and HSBC said they'll file an update on my situation  but they have to follow protocol. Frankly if you keep doing the same thing expecting a different result you are stupid. I asked them if they could e-mail  me the notice so I could print it out, apparently they don't do that.

  Dear HSBC,
  Your incompetence is frightening. Your system needs to be reviewed and fire whoever your messenger service is. How can you be a world class bank when I can't even get my mail to my correct address? My frustration in claiming my Rewards is draining me. Why do I have to keep calling back when I have been following up since June 2012? Do I not deserve a call back of my own from being a customer for over 10 years? Your customer support agents promise to give me an update and never do. They always follow the system. Once I get another credit card, I am cutting my HSBC card. Not only that, I will actively campaign for people to avoid using any HSBC service.

  That is all.

Update 1: April 26, 2013 I received some correspondence from HSBC. It was an envelope containing 2 vouchers for Rustan's gift certificates. Thus, I'm still missing one voucher.


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