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HSBC sucks!

Dear friends,
  I apologize in advance, but this is a rant post. Feel free to skip this but if you would like to know what I'm currently going through - read on!

  Back last year I noticed that I had enough Rewards points to get a Rustan's gift certificate. I've done this before and wasn't expecting it to be very difficult to get. However weeks passed and I still haven't received my gift certificate notice. Please note that it is called a notice since you must present the letter from HSBC that you can claim your Rustan's gift certificates from the branch of your choice. I followed up with HSBC where the person who received my call said that it is being processed and will be sent within 10 working days.
  Two weeks pass and I still haven't received my notice. I follow up and they inform me that it has been delivered to my old address and Lito M. received it. I said that was my previous address from two years ago and I've updated my address. I filed a com…