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Cerveseria Catalana: The best food to get in Barcelona

Before I left for Barcelona my new office mate Tim told me to make time to eat at Cerversaria Catalana. I saw that it had good reviews online but wasn't that intent on making it a priority. After a day at La Roca where I was able to buy a Fino bag at a bagsak (really low) price we decided to go visit the place. The wait time was 30 minutes. I was like "whut?" why is it so long but noticed that the place was packed and people were really waiting. Our curiosity was piqued and we decided to wait.

It's a good thing we waited because we ended up eating the best food I tasted in Barcelona. Our waitress was a Pinay who had been in Barcelona for the last 25 years. She was so happy to talk with fellow pinoys that she told us exactly what to order and boy were we happy we followed her.

Sampler platter

The sampler platter is their best seller because you get to taste several of the tapas at one go. At around 15 euros this was a good deal. It had calamares, shrimp, fried green pe…

Visit to Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and Masquiteria de la Salamanca

Thursday was a rainy day. However I thought that maybe I could still do what I planned on my schedule and set off for MNAC or Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. My siblings told me to go there and of course I put it down in my schedule and bought a ticket again online.

I took the subway route that was calculated by Google Maps as the fastest  but to my disappointment, it was raining so hard and the walk I would be making would be up the hill. So I abandoned my plan and took the subway back to Plaza Cataluna and just went around the shopping centers there. I can easily spend hours at the ground floor checking out all the cosmetics and skin care items anyway.

While I was having lunch hubby called me that he had the rest of the afternoon off so I went back to the hotel to meet him. Turns out he and his boss still had use of the car and driver and I suggested we go to the museum since the car could bring us directly there.

The MNAC actually sits on top of an elevated part of Barcelona…

Barcelona: Braving the subways

This was my third day of going off alone around Barcelona. I was prepared to use the subway and had researched already what I was going to do. Day 3 is when I was going to go the the Picasso Museum, eat at El Xampanyet and wander around.

It was very easy for me to board the line nearest our hotel then transfer lines to the station that came out near the Picasso museum. I was even able to ask direction and apparently from the station you just walk almost a straight line to come up onto the street where the Picasso museum was. Another tip here is that you can buy the ticket online to avoid lines. Gosh I love the internet.

However, I was waiting for a friend since she and her husband were also in Barcelona at the time. We had met up for dinner the other night. The name of the place escapes me at the moment but suffice to say we enjoyed our food. Anyway, I bought an extra ticket for Mich since she said she wanted to go to the Picasso museum as well.

When Mich arrived, we were able to ente…

Taking the Hop On/Hop Off tour in Barcelona Part 2

This is part two of my post on my Hop On/ Hop Off tour in Barcelona. If you want to read part 1, you may do so here. Anyway, when I bought the tour I bought the option for two days. Thus, I kept my brochure, earphones and ticket to reuse on my second day.

  On the second day, I did the same as yesterday getting on the tour from the La Pedrera stop. However instead of taking the West route, I took the East route. Both routes are the same for the first two stops which are Plaza Cataluna and the Bario Gotic.

  I remember my siblings telling me to check out the beach because it was nice but since it was cold, there really wasn't anyone on the beach.


What I was able to do was walk a bit from one of the stops to the Catedral de Santa del Mar. This church is another example of Gothic architecture like the Gothic Cathedral. I also found it quite beautiful.



Stained Glass Windows

View of the interior

  I consider myself really lucky to have been able to visit thes…

Taking the Hop On/Hop Off tour in Barcelona Part 1

Since I was going to be going around Barcelona alone, I had to figure out what kind of places I wanted to take. I was asking an office mate for some tips and she suggested that I take the hop on/hop off tour. It was the first time I've encountered this concept being a hick from the third world so I did my research.

Apparently, I could book this tour through Viator and print out the voucher for it to present to the tour bus operator. I took the East to West tour since it sounded more interesting that the North to South route. You present the voucher to the tour guide and she hands you a receipt which you must show to every bus operator whenever you hop on a bus. In case this wasn't clear, there are several buses that ply the route throughout the day. You get to stay at one stop for as long as you want and when you want to go to the next stop, you just wait for the next bus to stop on by. Unlike Manila, the buses only allow passengers on and off at the bus stops.

Ready for my t…

Visit to La Pedrera/ Casa Mila

Ok, I seem to be on a roll here. Time for another blog post for another Gaudi creation: the Casa Mila or La Pedrera. In the olden days, cue 1920's music, great architects were also asked to design the homes of influential families. Wait, that's not much different from now. Anyway, Gaudi designed and built the homes of two significant families, the Mila family and the Batlo family. I only went to one house however and I choose Casa Mila because it was nearer my hotel. This was on the same day that I went to Sagrada Familia so I really didn't want to walk very far.

The ticket cost me around 16 euros which I found a bit expensive. However I was there already so decided to pay up and go in. The line wasn't long at the time so it took all of five minutes before I was able to enter and behold a sort of atrium on my way to the elevator.

Apparently, La Pedrera as a tourist attraction is divided into several areas. There's the roof, the attic which is also the museum of wei…