Thailand Family Trip: the Grand Palace and Wat Arun

Warning: Graphics heavy post

If we left it up to my sister, we'd be shopping our entire stay in Bangkok. However my brother really wanted to see some temples so we upgraded our complimentary tour package into one that included the Grand Palace. I haven't gone to this place before so I was excited to see it.

Meet Apple, our tour guide. She was very friendly and was kind enough to wait while my sister had to change into less revealing attire since they do not allow sleeveless shirts in temples.


Unfortunately, my sister did not bring a pair of jeans and her shorts were also deemed too revealing. Thus she had to wear a sarong. I thought wearing leggings would be OK but I was still asked to cover up as well. I look horrible. Look at that clash of prints.


The Grand Palace itself is a lovely place to visit. Bring sunglasses though and an umbrella as the sun is quite strong.


Before we entered, we were able to witness the changing of the guard.


Here's hubby heading towards the temples.


This is one of the large demon statues guarding the temple.


Notice this golden temple? They used actual gold leaf on it. It shimmered in the sun.





They even have a mini replica of Angkor Wat here. It is a 1 to 500 scale model.



Here I am feeling a little playful.


Apple was kind enough to take this picture of me and hubby.


I could have taken more pictures but I got so tired already and decided to just pose for the cameras my brother and sister had. Our next stop was Wat Arun. We had to take a riverboat to get to it. Here is Wat Arun as we were crossing the river.



Wat Arun is a temple that you can actually climb. I was game but then I noticed that the steps were quite steep and narrow. Apple told us to please hold on to the railings and I understood why. Climbing Wat Arun is scary!


I only made it up half way. In fact when I was going down, I pulled a muscle on my left thigh!

Hubby however was not scared at all and went all the way up!


We ended up so sweaty but we still had to stop by the Gem Gallery since it turns out the tour guides get a mini-commission when they bring their tourists there. All we did was watch a short film on how gems and jewelry are manufactured in Thailand.

We also passed through the jewelry room. Hubby almost bought me a pair of pink sapphire earrings but I remember my mom saying it is over priced in Gem Gallery. I really wanted to go to the night market since that is where I bought my bracelet before but our friend Mike said it was closed.

Apple asked us where we wanted to be dropped off and so off we went to Paragon Plaza. We didn't go there to shop but rather to eat a late lunch at their food court. I had the most amazing assorted meat balls in Tom Yung soup.


It looks really spicy but I could still handle it. What surprised me was the peanut element in the broth that added some additional crunch as I slurped it up. I loved this dish so much we went back here on our last day.


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