Thailand Family Trip: Day 1

Yup, I went to Thailand with the hubby, my brother, my sister and her boyfriend. We originally were supposed to go to Japan but with the earthquake and tsunami that happened plus the risk of radiation we decided to find a different country to visit. I've actually been to Bangkok before and I loved shopping in the lower end malls because stuff can get so cheap! Hubby too has been to Bangkok before and actually worked there for 9 months. That's why he has a penchant for spicy food and knows some Thai phrases.

Our hotel was located in the Pratunam district right across Platinum mall and on the same street as Pratunam mall. The room and bathroom were ok. The included breakfast buffet is quite nice as it had Western, Asian and even Indian food. On our first day however a fuse broke but the staff was able to replace it quickly. That's probably all I can say about our hotel.

The last time I was in Bangkok there was no Platinum mall yet. Thus it was our first venue to visit especially since my sister insisted that it was the place all her friends bought clothes. However, we were hungry and went to the food court first. Admittedly, on my first visit I was afraid of Thai food and only went to KFC or similar fast food options but now I was feeling a bit braver.

I looked around the food court and settled on this stall.



It seemed like the guy would just haphazardly grab the displayed items such as the noodles and pork and put them in a bowl then add the hot soup.


Here's a closer look at the items in my noodle soup. Oh and this dish was only 45 Baht or PhP 63!


I was a bit scared since it looked like I grabbed a dish with pork entrails but just said to myself "parang sisig lang yan!" It's just like sisig. My brother laughed at me and told me that all that matters is that it should taste good.

After eating and going around a bit, my sister decided that we should split up so that we could be more efficient with our time since we liked looking at different shops. I actually didn't buy anything except a luggage tag and a belt from Platinum. I know I should have tried to buy more clothes but unfortunately the ladies at the stalls in Platinum would not let you try on the clothes plus it was no refund, no exchange. I gazed upon the clothes but felt conscious since they were obviously meant for slimmer girls. I gave up and decided maybe I'll just find a place that had clothes that I could fit in.

Next on our agenda was meeting our friend Mike who has been based in Bangkok for the last 9 years as he was going to take us out for dinner. That dinner turned out to be the best meal I had in Thailand.


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