Before we had even arrived in Bangkok my sister's boyfriend kept telling us that we must eat in the conveyor belt Japanese restaurant. At first my sister did not want to go there because she saw some pictures online and it looked "yucky" to her. Good thing we didn't listen to her and went to the restaurant first. One glance inside told us that it was something worth trying even if for the sheer novelty of seeing conveyor belts bringing food all around the restaurant.

That restaurant my friends is called Shabushi.



We got there pretty early for lunch but noticed that some people were already happily munching away.


This was our table. Notice the bowls for the shabu-shabu and my brother seating himself right next to the conveyor belt. He strategically positioned himself so that he could dump every food item that interested him into our shabu-shabu pot.


Good thing you could divide the pot into the spicy soup side and the normal soup side. Among the items you could dump in your pot were noodles, veggies, meat, pork dumplings, shrimp dumplings, squid, shrimp, fish, tofu and crab sticks. It was a glutton's heaven.


I started with the tempura and gyoza since we waited for our food to cook in the soup. The gyoza had its own sauce which had a sweet and spicy kick.


M got a whole lot of sushi. He really loves this place.

Shabushi in action. We paid 320 baht per person. Turns out you can only stay in the restaurant for 2 hours. We stayed less than that and were super filled up with the food. M even had ice-cream while the rest of us were too full.

Shabushi can be found in most malls I believe. We went to the one in a mall in Phuket.


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