Nai Yang beach

Admittedly one of the reasons I consented to go to Phuket was because I was curious about the beaches that were being compared to Boracay. I absolutely love Boracay and spent a good 4 days there basking in the sun and the sea a few months ago. I wanted to check if Phuket could come close to Boracay and honestly, in terms of the beach it did not.

The sand though soft is not a powdery white. The water comes off as muddy. Nai Yang beach is like the equivalent of Station 1 and there weren't many people. In fact, I looked like the only person on the beach frolicking in the water.

Here is hubby getting a feel of the sand.


The place looked quite lonely. If you want to relax and not be disturbed this is the perfect place for it.


Yes, it may look like I was only added to the picture via Photoshop but I was really there!


I guess the one thing that Nai Yang beach can brag about is the privacy it affords its tourists. Station 1 in Boracay on the other hand is still filled with a lot of people. I think this is because you can't really compare the islands. Phuket is a huge island where you'll need to drive to get to Karon or Patong. Even our drive to Old Phuket town took a good 40 minutes. On Boracay you can walk from one boat station to the other. So if you want your privacy, Nai Yang beach is definitely it.

However if I wanted to enjoy the beach, I will still go to Boracay.


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