Indigo Pearl Resort, Part 2

Warning: Graphics heavy post

As mentioned in my previous entries, Indigo Pearl is a huge resort. Hubby and I wanted to explore it as much as possible. Thanks to the free wi-fi in our rooms, I was able to see the tip left by a foursquare user to take advantage of the 50% off cocktails at Pool #2 from 4 to 6PM. So I dragged hubby out to look for Pool #2 and #3 so that we could get a bit buzzed.

So up and down we went traversing the grounds of Indigo Pearl. Looking for the pools. Along the way I was really astounded at how big the place was.




We finally found pool #2 and a couple were already frolicking in the pool. The pool wasn't that big as compared to pool #1 so we felt it might be better to give them some privacy.




We decided then to try to check out pool #3. Good thing we found it relatively quickly since it was near pool #2. It has this little walkway that goes through a pond that has water lilies. So cute!


How happy was I that there was a bar right next to the pool so that you don't even need to get out of the water to grab a drink! Of course it was also at 50% for cocktails and our bartender was happy to offer us the cocktail of our choice.

We were the only hotel guests who were Asians at this pool so the bartender was chatting us up a bit. He actually asked if hubby was my brother! How weird is that? This is the second time someone has thought he was my brother. Do I look like I'd go to a resort like this with only my brother?


The lounge chairs were scattered around the pool allowing guests a little bit of privacy yet fast access to the water.


I'm not posting any pictures of myself in a swim suit so you'll just have to settle for this shot of our rooms at night. I love the mood lighting around the resort at twilight. However if you intend to go around at night you should bring a flashlight as it gets quite dark.


If you just want to stay around in the resort without going out, Indigo Pearl is perfect for that. There isn't much of a nightlife outside the resort at Nai Yang beach. Just a few restaurants dot the beach front.

I believe the more "happening" place is Patong or Karon. If you want to go there from Nai Yang I recommend you rent a car and drive there.


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