Indigo Pearl Resort, Part 1

Warning: Graphics heavy post.

I was pretty happy just to stay in Bangkok and go around but my siblings wanted to visit Phuket since we were there already. Hubby mentioned it on his Facebook feed and his former colleague recommended this resort to us. Turns out Siri's family owns the Indigo Pearl Resort. She was very helpful in getting us a booking and she even offered us free upgrades.

My first impression of the resort however is that it looked a bit gloomy since the reception area was quite dim.


The decor was quite interesting and seemed like a combination of Asian and industrial influences.


They had these huge couches that seemed like beds that you could lounge in near the reception area.


Once you step out of the reception area and take a peek at the grounds you will feel your spirit get lighter. Oh my gosh this place is huge and they have three pools. This is pool number 1.





The grounds are beautifully cared for as evidenced by these hedges that look like they could be part of a maze.



I think this place is probably on the level of a Shangri-La resort. It was huge!

The room they gave us was also huge. Notice hubby and I taking pictures.


Nice comfy soft bed. Once you lie down on it you don't want to get up.


Work area for the workaholics. Yes hubby set up his laptop here.


The shower is open. This room is really for couples! Even the side of the shower is just transparent glass. You have the option to make it a rain shower type or just use the shower head.


This tub was huge! I could lie down in it fully stretched out and I'm 5 feet 2 inches. Takes a while to fill though.


His and hers wash basins.


Toilet is open as well and if you need privacy there's a curtain you draw to close the area.


Our room had two balconies! This is balcony 1.


This is balcony 2. Why two balconies? I have no idea. Maybe if you guys fight or something and want space. Perhaps if one smokes and the other does not?


View from the balcony


This room is fantastic and I believe would be perfect for honeymooners. Another thought is that you could use this room if you brought your children with you.

My next post will have more pictures of the grounds and the internationally renowned spa of Indigo Pearl, Coqoon.


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