Indigo Pearl Resort, Coqoon spa

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This was our fourth day in Thailand and I was really tired with all the stuff we'd been doing. Hubby suggested we try the Coqoon spa since we heard that it was garnering all sorts of awards. My siblings on the other hand opted to go to the Phi Phi islands. I listened to my body and decided that a visit to the spa was what I most needed.

I asked the front-desk how much the treatments were and they said that it was best if I went to the spa since they kept their spa menu there plus there were usually promos that we could avail of. A good tip to keep in mind is that Coqoon spa gives a 20% discount on services if you avail of them from 10AM to 2PM.

Lobby of the Coqoon Spa

Reception area of Coqoon Spa

You need to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of your appointment so that the spa representative can have you fill out a questionnaire about your body's aches and health issues such as arthritis they should know about. See those cute little bottles on the table? They're not just for decoration. Each bottle contains a scented oil such as lemongrass and peppermint. You will be asked to sniff each oil sample to choose which oil will be used during your massage.

From the spa lobby area we were escorted by our therapist down the stairs to the spa cottage we would be using.


We even had to cross the street to get to these spa cottages.


Another more expensive option would have been to use the actual Coqoon therapy room. Yup, that's not just a weird looking structure but an actual room!



Each spa cottage has its own lavatory. The massage I choose was the Relaxation Massage. Thus, I was asked to change out of my clothes and wear a thong! Hubby could wear a loose shirt and pants since he opted for the Thai massage.


This is where our massages took place.


Remember when I mentioned that my left thigh muscle tightened up going down Wat Arun here? I was having a lot of trouble going up and down stairs and walking on an uneven surface was a bit painful. I mentioned this issue to my therapist and she said she'd take care of it. She also said she'd concentrate on my back since I was having back pains.

I have to admit, their massage is very good. I love the entire spa experience. Usually I only get a home massage service so this was truly a splurge for us.

After our massage we were pleasantly surprised to find ginger tea and fresh pineapple waiting for us at the couch outside. It was a lovely touch to end such a relaxing experience.


When we were done, Bambi, my therapist cleared up the tea and dishes.


To give you an idea on the prices for the massages, they are like Hotel Spa rates. Thus a 60 minute massage will reach 2,000 Baht and just double that for 120 minutes. So let's say I spent around 4,000 Baht for my two hours massage, change that to pesos and it will come out to 5,600. Good thing we availed of the 20% discount.

I loved the entire experience but I can't really say that I will spend that much for this spa treatment again. Maybe I'm too used to the simple massages with no extra stuff.

The Coqoon Spa is located in the Indigo Pearl resort, Nai Yang beach, Phuket.


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