Home Kitchen: Khrua Nai Baan


It's a good thing our friend Mike has been based in Bangkok for some time because he took us to this restaurant that we probably would never have been able to go to since it was not in a mall and was in one of the streets in Bangkok. I was quite intrigued since if a resident wanted to bring us here, it must be good. It was only after looking back at my pictures that I saw this place was recognized by the Miele guide as one of the finest restaurants in Asia.


Khrua Nai Baan itself doesn't look high end. It had the feel of one of those Chinese restaurants at home that was quite busy but surely had stupendous food. The lady with the rainbow mohawk attended to us to help us find a table.


Here's hubby standing around till they gave us a table.


We were super excited for this meal. My brother insisted that he must have crab and we also went for the usualy shredded catfish with mango relish. I insisted also that we have the Tom Yung Gung soup.

Free dumpling appetizer
This had veggies and cashew nuts and something else. Quite yummy!

Shredded catfish with mango relish
The mango relish came in a separate bowl. This is a good dish but with several guys as my competition, it got wiped out pretty fast.

Squid with vegetables
I admit, I don't recall the exact name of this dish but it was devoured quickly as well.

Friend pork with garlic and pepper
Another good dish. We didn't want to eat this too fast as our rice had not appeared yet.

Tom Yung Gung soup
This was downright fantastic. I absolutely loved this soup. The right amount of spice yet tempered by the hint of lemongrass.

Black Pepper Crab
The best crab I've ever tasted. I ate this with my hands with my fingers trying to get every last inch of crab meat out of the shell. My mouth was tingling after I ate this with all the black pepper it was loaded with.

Shark's fin collection
Saw this in the restaurant. Sad.

Cognac collection
I wonder if this really goes with the food? I prefer iced tea myself.

This was the best meal I had in Thailand. I don't remember the prices since our receipt was in Thai. We did however spend a good 500-600 baht each for 5 people. Oh, on their website you can see the prices of their food.

You might be wondering where the picture of the rice is. We ordered salted fish fried rice and when it arrived we attacked our food. Thus, I wasn't able to take a picture of the rice. I think we also ordered extra rice for the boys. Hehehe.

If I go back to Bangkok I am definitely eating here again. It has amazing food and the price is very good.

Khrua Nai Baan
94 Langsuan road, Lumpini
Pathumwan, Bangkok
Tel: 0-2253-1888, 0-2254-9888


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