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Indigo Pearl Resort, Part 2

Warning: Graphics heavy post
As mentioned in my previous entries, Indigo Pearl is a huge resort. Hubby and I wanted to explore it as much as possible. Thanks to the free wi-fi in our rooms, I was able to see the tip left by a foursquare user to take advantage of the 50% off cocktails at Pool #2 from 4 to 6PM. So I dragged hubby out to look for Pool #2 and #3 so that we could get a bit buzzed.
So up and down we went traversing the grounds of Indigo Pearl. Looking for the pools. Along the way I was really astounded at how big the place was.

We finally found pool #2 and a couple were already frolicking in the pool. The pool wasn't that big as compared to pool #1 so we felt it might be better to give them some privacy.

We decided then to try to check out pool #3. Good thing we found it relatively quickly since it was near pool #2. It has this little walkway that goes through a pond that has water lilies. So cute!

How happy was I that there was a bar right next to the pool so that you don&#…

Nai Yang beach

Admittedly one of the reasons I consented to go to Phuket was because I was curious about the beaches that were being compared to Boracay. I absolutely love Boracay and spent a good 4 days there basking in the sun and the sea a few months ago. I wanted to check if Phuket could come close to Boracay and honestly, in terms of the beach it did not.
The sand though soft is not a powdery white. The water comes off as muddy. Nai Yang beach is like the equivalent of Station 1 and there weren't many people. In fact, I looked like the only person on the beach frolicking in the water.
Here is hubby getting a feel of the sand.

The place looked quite lonely. If you want to relax and not be disturbed this is the perfect place for it.

Yes, it may look like I was only added to the picture via Photoshop but I was really there!

I guess the one thing that Nai Yang beach can brag about is the privacy it affords its tourists. Station 1 in Boracay on the other hand is still filled with a lot of people. I…

Indigo Pearl Resort, Coqoon spa

Warning: Graphics heavy post
This was our fourth day in Thailand and I was really tired with all the stuff we'd been doing. Hubby suggested we try the Coqoon spa since we heard that it was garnering all sorts of awards. My siblings on the other hand opted to go to the Phi Phi islands. I listened to my body and decided that a visit to the spa was what I most needed.
I asked the front-desk how much the treatments were and they said that it was best if I went to the spa since they kept their spa menu there plus there were usually promos that we could avail of. A good tip to keep in mind is that Coqoon spa gives a 20% discount on services if you avail of them from 10AM to 2PM.
Lobby of the Coqoon Spa

Reception area of Coqoon Spa

You need to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of your appointment so that the spa representative can have you fill out a questionnaire about your body's aches and health issues such as arthritis they should know about. See those cute little bottles on the tab…

Indigo Pearl Resort, Part 1

Warning: Graphics heavy post.
I was pretty happy just to stay in Bangkok and go around but my siblings wanted to visit Phuket since we were there already. Hubby mentioned it on his Facebook feed and his former colleague recommended this resort to us. Turns out Siri's family owns the Indigo Pearl Resort. She was very helpful in getting us a booking and she even offered us free upgrades.
My first impression of the resort however is that it looked a bit gloomy since the reception area was quite dim.

The decor was quite interesting and seemed like a combination of Asian and industrial influences.

They had these huge couches that seemed like beds that you could lounge in near the reception area.

Once you step out of the reception area and take a peek at the grounds you will feel your spirit get lighter. Oh my gosh this place is huge and they have three pools. This is pool number 1.

The grounds are beautifully cared for as evidenced by these hedges that look like they could be part of a maze.

Thailand Family Trip: the Grand Palace and Wat Arun

Warning: Graphics heavy post

If we left it up to my sister, we'd be shopping our entire stay in Bangkok. However my brother really wanted to see some temples so we upgraded our complimentary tour package into one that included the Grand Palace. I haven't gone to this place before so I was excited to see it.
Meet Apple, our tour guide. She was very friendly and was kind enough to wait while my sister had to change into less revealing attire since they do not allow sleeveless shirts in temples.

Unfortunately, my sister did not bring a pair of jeans and her shorts were also deemed too revealing. Thus she had to wear a sarong. I thought wearing leggings would be OK but I was still asked to cover up as well. I look horrible. Look at that clash of prints.

The Grand Palace itself is a lovely place to visit. Bring sunglasses though and an umbrella as the sun is quite strong.

Before we entered, we were able to witness the changing of the guard.

Here's hubby heading towards the temples.