Le Bistro Vert

I'm sure you all have tried at least once to purchase from a daily deal site. I happened to chance upon a P500 for P1,000 worth of food and beverages at Le Bistro Vert and I immediately grabbed the deal.

Le Bistro Vert is what you can call a "green" restaurant. It doesn't mean that everything you eat there are vegetables but that they promote a sustainable lifestyle. Thus they aim to source most of the ingredients they use for their food and beverages locally thus minimizing their carbon footprint. Their chef is also Chef Sau del Rosario who I think did Chelsea and Mr. Jones.

I got to my reserved table a bit early and decided to grab some soup for myself and an appetizer for the hubby.

Spiced Pumpkin soup
Spiced Pumpkin soup with Papadum P155

Mushroom Raviolo
Mushroom Raviolo P295

I adored my Spiced Pumpkin soup. The weather was actually a bit gloomy and this was a perfect item to warm the cockles of my heart. The soup was just the right texture, not too creamy and definitely not watery. I think the spice portion in the soup is a heavy dose of fresh ground black pepper and some cayenne pepper. The pappadum cracker included was a nice surprise to alternate some crunch after sipping the creamy soup.

I had also asked the waiter which appetizer he would recommend and he said the Mushroom Raviolo. Think yummy mushrooms wrapped up in ravioli pasta swimming in a sublime sauce of cream and cheese. Absolutely deadly but worth the calories.

Asian Beef Salad
Asian Beef Salad P295

Pasta Vongole
Pasta Vongole P250

Hubby is really into fitness so he had the Asian Beef Salad while I had the Pasta Vongole. It is a creamier and spicier version than the Pasta Vongole you'd find in Cyma. Yes that's right, it was a spicy cream sauce! It was quite a surprise for me since usually the spicy sauces are red like Arrabiata. However in this instance it still worked and offset the heavy creaminess a white sauce usually has.

Kalamansi Pie
Calamansi Lime Pie

Last but not the least we had Calamansi Lime pie. This was definitely a good change from all the cheesecake and chocolate cakes we would usually order for dessert. I like the fact that it uses the common calamansi into a dish that is right up there with cheesecake. It has a slight bite to it but is still sweet. Hubby and I gobbled this up.

In summary, Le Bistro Vert is a lovely place to dine and the menu is filled with delicious dishes. This does however come with a price premium that can easily place it with the restaurants in the high-end malls. In spite of having a P1,000 coupon we still had to shell out an additional P400 for our bill. However I'd still go back because the food is worth it.

You can find Le Bistro Vert in Fraser Place, Valero St. Makati or even follow them on Twitter www.twitter.com/lebistrovert

P.S. Pardon the pictures as I just used my phone to take them.


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