Becca Beach tint in Watermelon

I've had my eye on this Becca Beach tint for some time but it isn't readily available here in the Philippines. However since my brother was coming over for a visit I decided to buy it over at Amazon and ship it to his address. I've heard a lot of good reviews over this and wanted to try it out in the hot and humid Manila weather.

Imagine my surprise at seeing how tiny the bottle is for the price I paid for it!

Looks big?

Compared to my Kiehl's lip gloss


I'm still testing this out right now. I love the scent. It really does smell like a watermelon. I read online that you have to shake the bottle before squeezing a bit out or else it comes out watery. Thus I did shake the bottle and squirted a bit on my hand for swatching purposes. The color looks fantastic and is very easy to blend. Applying a bit to my cheeks and lips was easy and gave me natural looking color.

I'm still thinking if I'll post pictures of myself since my skin is not in tip-top condition right now. I do hope this is able to last all day. I just applied moisturizer and then the tint. Let's see if it can last on my oily skin. I'll also road test this next week when we head to Bangkok and Phuket.

You can buy this on Amazon or Sephora for $25 plus tax.


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