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Becca Beach tint in Watermelon

I've had my eye on this Becca Beach tint for some time but it isn't readily available here in the Philippines. However since my brother was coming over for a visit I decided to buy it over at Amazon and ship it to his address. I've heard a lot of good reviews over this and wanted to try it out in the hot and humid Manila weather.

Imagine my surprise at seeing how tiny the bottle is for the price I paid for it!

Looks big?

Compared to my Kiehl's lip gloss


I'm still testing this out right now. I love the scent. It really does smell like a watermelon. I read online that you have to shake the bottle before squeezing a bit out or else it comes out watery. Thus I did shake the bottle and squirted a bit on my hand for swatching purposes. The color looks fantastic and is very easy to blend. Applying a bit to my cheeks and lips was easy and gave me natural looking color.

I'm still thinking if I'll post pictures of myself since my skin is not in tip-top condition r…


It is truly a testament to my boredom that I'm making a shoe blog post. I used to love wearing high heels because they really gave a boost to my mood but ever since I became a mom flats have been an integral part of my life. Still, I do wear high heels when I'm on a date with hubby or when I'm meeting friends and not bringing the kiddo along.

Clockwise from upper right: Mizuno running shoes, Adidas AdiZero running shoes, Nike Sister One running shoes, Nike LunarElite running shoes, Puma slip on rubber shoes and Nike rubber ballet flats.
When I worked in Makati I used to go the gym regularly. That explains my collection of running shoes. The other rubberized shoes just looked too cute and were very comfy so I got them.
My favorite running shoes right now are my Mizuno shoes and the AdiZero shoes. I have done a 5k in the Mizuno shoes but am trying to get accustomed to a flatter sole hence the AdiZero shoes. The Nike shoes I take out every so often but I am using them more as s…

Le Bistro Vert

I'm sure you all have tried at least once to purchase from a daily deal site. I happened to chance upon a P500 for P1,000 worth of food and beverages at Le Bistro Vert and I immediately grabbed the deal.
Le Bistro Vert is what you can call a "green" restaurant. It doesn't mean that everything you eat there are vegetables but that they promote a sustainable lifestyle. Thus they aim to source most of the ingredients they use for their food and beverages locally thus minimizing their carbon footprint. Their chef is also Chef Sau del Rosario who I think did Chelsea and Mr. Jones.
I got to my reserved table a bit early and decided to grab some soup for myself and an appetizer for the hubby.
Spiced Pumpkin soup with Papadum P155

Mushroom Raviolo P295
I adored my Spiced Pumpkin soup. The weather was actually a bit gloomy and this was a perfect item to warm the cockles of my heart. The soup was just the right texture, not too creamy and definitely not watery. I think the spice …