Aldo outlet shop at Marquee Mall

I was in Pampanga for personal reasons and due to us using the "bawal" car we decided to kill time at Marquee Mall. It's an Ayala mall and there were a lot of shops that are usually present in most malls. A lot of shops were on sale since it was also Chinese New Year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was an Aldo outlet shop there. I don't usually buy from Aldo since I find the shoes pricey but how could I resist when shoes were around Php 1k and sunglasses were down to P300!

I bought a pair of white high heeled shoes. I think white is a neutral color and it'll be refreshing to see in the summer.



Notice also that the heels are not that high. Some of the other shoes in Aldo were very pretty but once I tried them on my feet begged for mercy due to the height of the heels.

I also got this pair of oversized sunglasses. This is to provide more protection not just for my eyes but also the skin around it.



I guess now if hubby asks me to go to Pampanga again with him I will say yes as long as we get a chance to visit Marquee mall again.


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