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MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick

I've been a bit stressed lately with my work at home gig and since I had some Rustan's gift certificates from HSBC I decided to put them to use. I dropped by today and grabbed Pink Nouveau lipstick from MAC. It's going to be summer soon so I wanted a very fresh and vibrant pink on my lips.

Swatched on the back of my hand
Plain lips
With Pink Nouveau
It's a very pretty color that I would recommend for those with light skin tones. I can't wait to use it on a date with hubby. Lastly, this retails for Php 1,000 at MAC Rustan's. The sales assistant informed me that they increased their prices yesterday.

Kamiseta luggage, an Aranaz clutch and more!

I'm so happy! Today I got the prizes that I won from Candy's birthday contest. She had fantastic prizes like gift certificates for dinner at restaurants and jewelry. In fact, I had my eye on the rings that were one of the prizes.
Today all the winners from her contest met up in Salon de Ning in the Pen for her to give the prizes. Now we had to draw lots and see which set of prizes we got since there were 6 winners. Unfortunately I did not get the lot with the rings. I did however get the one with the Levi's 10k gift certificate, the Aranaz clutch, 2 1 hour GCs for a play school and 1 GC for a free Tivoli business lunch.
I was happy yet also sad. It is so difficult for me to find good fitting jeans and I sincerely doubted that I'd find any at Levi's. My last pair of jeans was actually made to order from Viktor since I have generous hips and thighs.
Then Candy announced we could bargain for each other's prizes if we were so inclined. I immediately let it know I w…