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MAC PRO Longwear Lip creme in Faithfully Yours

I am an avid follower of the blog Temptalia and I think MAC always gives you enough bang for your buck so I definitely wanted one of these long wearing lip cremes. Thus, I asked my mom to buy me this lipstick when she was in the US. I think this came to about $18 but I told her she can consider it an early Christmas gift.
I wanted a different color since most of my lipstick colors are pink or mauves and are pretty much neutral. So I chose Faithfully yours which is a bit of a dark color. I thought that perhaps I would use this for nights out and for parties where a more formal looking lip color would be needed.
Lovely casing

Pro Longwear LipCreme in Faithfully Yours
Dark Mauve-Brown shade

Swatched on skin

So this is my bare mouth
with Faithfully Yours
I've used this to a wedding and though hubby said that I looked a bit Gothic, it wore beautifully the entire night. I was left with a red stain at the end of the evening and that was after a full dinner and dessert buffet. I think maybe it i…

I want to win the Vosges Haute Chocolate Goodie Giveaway on Trip or Treats

Trip or Treats is a blog that I stumbled on looking for restaurant reviews. Turns out ToT does not only go out of her way to eat at restaurants that serve delicious food but she is an avid traveler as well who loves to taste whatever is good in the country she visits.
ToT is holding a contest right now for some delectable chocolates and you can join! Visit the giveaway page here.
Here's hoping that I win!