Sugi Makati

Sugi is one of those no-fail classic Japanese restaurants that you would bring your family to. I have memories of special occasions being celebrated in Sugi Greenhills. So while wandering around Greenbelt hubby and I decided to eat at Sugi Makati.




The interiors are very classic Japanese. Cute Japanese lanterns adorn the ceiling while the dining tables and chairs are dark varnished wood.


I also took a picture of the condiments and toothpick holders because they were so cute.

Since it was only the two of us, we only ordered two dishes. The ebi tempura and this sweet spicy fried chicken dish.

Ebi Tempura

Sweet spicy fried chicken

I remember both dishes being almost P400 each. The sweet spicy chicken dish reminded me of the General's chicken at Recipes by Cafe Metro and for me the tempura was good but Kimpura's is better.

Japanese fried rice P100

I can't believe I paid P100 for fried rice. To think that the only reason I did that was because plain rice was P80! Our total bill came out to P 1,200 with drinks. I think the food is good but the price just stepped over my personal limit.
If only the Kimpura in Glorietta was still around. For me, Kimpura has the better tempura and Japanese fried rice.
Now this makes me want to eat at Kimpura. Stay tuned, I may actually drag my family over to the Kimpura in Greenhills. :)


  1. Hi there. I haven't been to Sugi at Greenbelt for the past 5 years. The last time hubby and I were there... there was a BAND-AID at the bottom of the glass holding hubby's drink. Needless to say, it completely turned us off!


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