L'Oreal HiP

I don't really do eye make-up and what little I do is usually some light wash of color on my lids. However while I was browsing Amazon for some stuff I came upon some cheap L'Oreal HiP eyeshadow duos and eyeliner. They were around a dollar each so I thought they were a great deal. I was initially very interested in the Urban Decay Naked palette but it is always out of stock and I wasn't sure I wanted to spend $44 on something I would barely use. Thus, in the interest of getting my feet wet I decided to grab these cheap eyeshadow duos and try them out.


Eyeshadow due in Shocked (metallic gold and khaki)

Eyeshadow duo in Lively (shimmery beige and dark camo green)

Eyeshadow duo in Charged (metallic bronze and copper)

Swatches from left to right: Shocked, Lively and Charged

I like the first two eyeshadow duos. They have good pigmentation but I'm having a bit of trouble blending them. Maybe I need to get a real eyeshadow brush and blender. I was able to do a nice eye look using Shocked but I think I'll try it again before I take a picture. I can however say that Shocked really came off as very metallic. The eye look I did using Lively came off a bit shimmery and not as metallic. I didn't even bother with Charged as I am not sure how to deal with such strong metallic colors. I'll probably research and see what other people have done using these colors.
I also bought a metallic blue eyeliner pencil. I just felt like it and thought it would be great for the holidays. I experimented a bit lining my eyes with it and noticed that the tip is very soft so you have to apply light pressure. The color is fantastic and I'm definitely going to try this for a party at night.

L'Oreal HiP Chrome eyeliner in Blue Spark

Swatch of Blue Spark

I think next on my to-do list is to get a decent eyeshadow brush and blender. Then maybe once the hullabaloo over the UD Naked palette dies down I can get one for myself. I always was a sucker for neutrals. If you have any suggestions for some affordable brushes let me know in the comments!


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