Kirin Chinese Dining

My family and I belatedly celebrated my son's birthday at Kirin. We've eaten here before with some friends and the food is just really good. Every dish I tried here is delicious so I wanted to go back with my family to try some more.

Entrance to Kirin

Side view of Kirin along Bonifacio High Street

Interior of Kirin

To start out we ordered some appetizers. Inevitably I ordered siomai since my family loves dimsum and instead of the usual hakao as well I ordered the radish cake with XO sauce. Yes, I'm in the mood for some radish cake.

Siomai 2
Siomai P98

Radish cake with XO sauce 2
Radish Cake with XO sauce

I'll admit it, my family absolutely has no mercy when it comes to dimsum. I let them eat it. I do remember though from the last time I had the siomai that it was nice and meaty. The radish cake was a good surprise. Not only is it crispy on the outside and soft inside but the XO sauce gives it an extra kick. I really liked it!
After ordering the appetizers I made sure to order the dish that I came here for which is the roast duck. Usually roast duck is something that I'd only eat in Peking Garden or Hong Kong but they do the dish quite well here. Unfortunately when we ate here yesterday the taste was spot on but the duck itself was slightly tough.

Half Roast Duck 1
Half order Roast Duck around P740

I also ordered some items that hubby and I always look for like the Broccoli in Garlic and the Salt and Pepper Squid. The squid was yummy and even better once you drizzled with vinegary sauce on it. The broccoli was slightly cool which is probably because you would rinse it in ice water to retain the crispness of the vegetable after cooking. My only complaint is that the dish was a bit small.

Salt and Pepper Squid 1
Salt and Pepper Squid around P280

Broccoli with Garlic 2
Broccoli with Garlic

I also wanted to try other dishes that I have read about in other blogs like the Hot Chicken and Prawn salad. This is fried prawns and chicken fillets in a sweet mayo like sauce with various bits of fruit. I liked the dish.

Hot Chicken and Prawn Salad 2
Hot Chicken and Prawn salad

I ordered the Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic for my Dad since he shouldn't be eating too much meat. This dish is something my mom started whispering about that we could do it at home. I think we probably could but I need to figure out what they steamed the fish fillet with. We suspect that there's some sesame oil, garlic and ginger in the mix.
Last but not the least, we must have Yangchow fried rice. Every time we eat at a Chinese restaurant it must always be Yangchow fried rice. The server will try to get you to order more rice saying that this is good only for two but it was able to feed 6 of us!

Yangchow fried rice 1
Yangchow fried rice

Fish Fillet with Garlic 1
Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic

I would definitely go back to Kirin because the food is good and the price is still affordable for being a notch above the usual Chinese restaurant. Needless to say almost everything was wiped out when we were done eating though I brought home some radish cake and some of the duck.
Kirin is located at Building 7, Bonifacio HighStreet.


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