Terry's Selection Salcedo Village

Sorry for not updating my blog in some time. If I don't get really good pictures of the food I'm eating I rarely want to post it for the world to see. I've actually got a backlog of blog posts I want to do but without good pictures I am hesitant to write them.

Anyway, I finally remembered to bring my camera when I go out and got some good pictures of the food I ate at Terry's Selection in Salcedo Village. The first branch of Terry's that I tried was the one in Podium in the basement and this new one is quite unassuming as well. In fact if you weren't really looking for it you might even pass the restaurant since the signage is so low-key.

Once you step in you find yourself in a mix of a restaurant and a deli. There are shelves containing some of the food items that Terry's sells as well as a ref in the side containing some frozen items.

Terry's selection

Cold storage meats and seafood

On the other side of the nook is the display for some cheese and sausages.


Deli meat

Hubby and I decided to share the soup since it was raining very hard. I wanted to try their tomato soup over the squash soup.

Crema de Tomate a la Albahaca Fresca P160 (take note this is half a serving)

I really liked their tomato soup! Sometimes when I get some tomato soup I have the feeling that all that is missing is the pasta but not with this soup. It had that nice tart tomato taste with hints of basil and cream to smoothen it out. Definitely something that I would order again.

Hubby opted to get the Coq Au Vin while I selected a pasta dish.

Gnocchi al Gorgonzola con Prosciutto y Porcini P380

I think the last time I had Gnocchi was in that Italian place by the Don Bosco priests. It has super cheesy and heavenly. I was expecting more of the same but was extremely surprised at how heavy the Gnoochi in Terry's was. The moment it hit my belly it was like the pasta was expanding! The sauce is not cheddar cheesy but of the matured variety and creamy. Good thing the porcini mushroom and fried bacon bits added texture to the sauce as it can get quite overwhelming. The dish itself is quite pricey and I believe this is due to the high quality ingredients.

Coq Au Vin P370

I was able to sneak a few bites of hubby's Coq Au Vin and it was good! However instead of it being all chicken there was some pork. Not sure why although I prefer the chicken pieces. The mushrooms that are part of the red win sauce were scrumptious! Every time I would get umay with my pasta, I'd grab some of the chicken or mushroom pieces on my hubby's dish.

Terry's Selection is actually 3 floors with the main deli on the 3rd floor. They encourage customers to visit the deli while waiting for their food to arrive. I believe there is also a good wine selection for guests to peruse but I've never really been that knowledgeable about wine.

I did ask the waitress if they had any cooking wine and they were glad to oblige me. They brought out this white wine/ cooking sherry that they claimed they used as well. I wanted to try it but at P700 a bottle I decided to think about it first.

When we were done eating the waitress asked us if we wanted some dessert but poor hubby was already dead tired so we decided to just go home with full bellies. Their service is really outstanding because the guard also escorted us through the rain to our car.

In conclusion, Terry's Selection Salcedo is a priced high but the service and the food are worth it. Perhaps I'll try their wine next time.


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