The Great Asian Secrets Giveaway: P40,000 worth of prizes!

Liz of Project Vanity is holding an amazing contest for all us lovely females. This is the Great Asian Secrets Giveaway. See the mechanics below.

Contest mechanics

1. Simply answer this question!

For the brides: The big day draws near and you have to look perfect. How do you plan to look your best? You're encouraged to talk about your gown, makeup artist, desired look, motif, beauty rituals, and how Asian Secrets can help you on your big day.

For the general readers: What are your beauty secrets? You're encouraged to talk about the beauty products, tips, tricks that you swear by, plus how Asian Secrets can be incorporated in your routine.

2. Blog your answer, post it as a note on Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk it. Don't forget to include four things: your answer to the question, the contest poster, mechanics, and link to the contest page. For Twitter and Plurk entries, include the hashtag #asiansecrets.

3. Post all the direct links of your entries in the comments page ( Don't forget this step, because without it, we won't know you joined! Also include a valid email address.

Here's my answer:

I am already married so I'll just talk about what my top 5 beauty secrets are.

First and foremost, always wash your face before you go to sleep for the night and remove all make-up. The only thing on my face at night is my erythromycin lotion and night cream.

Second, get 8 hours of sleep! Nothing dulls skin more than not getting enough sleep, plus you'll most likely end up with eye bags. In addition to this, sleep on your back not your stomach or on your side. If you sleep on your side or stomach you'll end up with your face against the pillow which could lead to wrinkles.

Third, always remember to put sunblock on every day. Sun damage in our youth will reflect on our faces when we're older. See your lolas with age spots and discoloring? Make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Fourth, try to exfoliate once a week. I have oily skin so sometimes I'll even exfoliate twice a week. This gets rid of all those old skin cells and makes sure the new ones get to shine through.

For my fifth and last beauty secret, go and get some exercise! Exercise makes us sweat and in our sweat toxins are excreted. Exercise also helps us improve our circulation and helps us keep fit.

So there's my entry for The Great Asian Secrets Giveaway. I hope I win!


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