Bugsy's Makati

Bugsy's in Makati is located on San Agustin street which is parallel to Valero street in Salcedo Village. It is a humble enough looking place from the outside but the interior lends itself well to the whole mafia bar image. Trying to get a table there on a Friday or Saturday night is a lost cause unless you go there right after work or have had the foresight to reserve a table.

So what does one do if one desires the buffalo chicken tenders and could not get a table at night? You go during lunch when the place is practically empty.




Bugsy's not only has some pretty affordable alcoholic beverages but delicious bar chow as well. Their bestseller is the Buffalo Chicken Tenders which are pieces of chicken deep fried then tossed in a special spicy sauce that I would kill to get the recipe of. You cannot go wrong with ordering this spicy and tangy dish. Hubby and I have actually just hung out here ordering their appetizers and some beer. Don't forget to smother the chicken tenders in the accompanying cheese dip.

Buffalo chicken tenders P175

Bugsy's Cured Beef Surprise aka Tapa

After raving about the chicken tenders to some friends, they commented that the tapa here was pretty good as well. Thus, we ordered some of the tapa and they are correct! The tapa, or the Bugsy's Cured Beef Surprise, is a dish of marinated beef strips that you can dip into the accompanying shot glass of vinegar.

Mashed Potato with gravy

I'm actually trying to lessen my rice intake but I did order myself the mashed potato with gravy side. Imagine a mound of mashed potato that is soft and not chunky swimming in gravy. I'll pretend I'm carbo-loading so that I can consume this without guilt. I find it becomes the perfect dish to complement the chicken tenders.

Bugsy's is a fantastic place to hang out at after work with affordable drinks and food. You can have dinner here and end up doing shots before the night is over. The have a smoking and non-smoking section but the place is still quite modestly small. Thus I cannot reiterate enough that if you want a table here on a weekend night, be prepared to go early or call to reserve one.


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