I got hit with the flu two weeks ago and it wasn't pretty. I could barely get out of bed but I did manage to stay updated with twitter and Facebook. A friend posted that she had a late dinner at Azuthai and I got envious and promptly demanded that hubby and I eat lunch there the next day.

Azuthai is the Thai restaurant that is part of the group of restaurants of El Cirkulo and Milky way fame. It's located at the ground floor of the Milky Way building on Pasay road.

The interiors are very Thai/Asian and quite lovely. Though we ate there during lunch, the restaurant is quite dim as they used mood lighting.



Lovely chandelier

The food at Azuthai is the most authentic that hubby and I have tried so far in Manila. Hubby spent 9 months in Bangkok and can eat the really spicy stuff with ease. However, I can only go up to medium spicy level. The nice thing about Azuthai is that the waiter will always ask you what kind of spice level you would like your food to be. If you really want to test your taste buds then ask for "Bangkok spicy" level which always leaves my hubby in catatonic delight.

Shrimp Cake with Sweet Spicy Dipping Sauce "Tod Man Goong" P325

I ordered the Shrimp cake since hubby insisted on ordering the chicken in bangkok spicy level. I knew that if I wanted to get any food in my tummy that I had to have something that was not bangkok level spicy. The shrimp cake is OK and not something I would rave about.

Stir-Fried Minced Chicken with Chili and Basil Leaves "Gai Kra Prow" P325

Hubby was really craving for Bangkok spice level so I let him order the chicken. My first thoughts upon tasting a spoonful of this is that it was good and tasty. Then the spice level registered in my brain and my mouth was on fire. I could not eat any more of this. The spice level was too much for me. Hubby on the other hand devoured this.

Hot and Sour Prawn Soup with Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime Leaves and Fresh Coriander "Tom Yum Goong" P345

Now this soup is the main reason I wanted to eat at Azuthai after my bout with the flu. This is a wonderful soup to warm the cockles of your heart. The spiciness is there but tempered with the lemongrass flavor. The shrimp in the soup may be few but quite sizable. Just drinking this soup is enough to replenish your soul after being devastated by the flu.

As much as I'd love to eat at Azuthai whenever the mood strikes me the truth of the matter is that it is quite pricey. Our bill always tries to reach 2k whenever we eat here. So save this lovely restaurant for special occasions. That is unless you've got oodles of cash. However the food is worth your money and the quality always has us coming back for more.


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