Venus and Mars Botanicals CPC+G Whitening Treatment and Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock SPF 35

  I'm so happy that I was able to go to the Rockwell Multiply bazaar last Saturday and catch the booth of Venus and Mars Botanicals. I've lurked around the multiply site for quite some time and was really tempted to purchase a lot of their products online. Lucky me that I was able to grab a lot of their products without having to pay for the shipping fees. So here is a list of products that I've heard so much about.

CPC+G, The “IT” Whitening Treatment Php 185 per 20ml jar

  I got a tiny bottle of their CPC+G whitening treatment. This is supposed to be composed of the ultimate whitening essences of Clair Blanche, Papain, Calamansi and Glutathione. I asked Jamie the owner why she was selling the treatment separate since she encourages her customers to mix it with their products. I mean, why not sell the face cream or body lotion already with the whitening treatment in it? She said that it is because they want to sell it separate and some people want to mix it in with their own creams or lotions. 
  For people like myself this is quite true since I still had a bit less than half a jar of the Leyende Face Canvass I bought some months ago. I decided to mix some drops of the CPC+G with this jar and see if I get any results. I'll probably need to continue using this for at least two weeks to see if there are any changes to the pimple scars on my face.

Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock SPF35 P335 for a 50g jar 

I'm quite lazy in the mornings and I hate putting on some sunblock despite knowing that it should be a part of every girl's routine these days. I cheat by putting on a day cream that has SPF 15 but I just finished my bottle of Olay Total Effects. I saw a jar of the Keep Safe Tinted Facial Sunblock with SPF 35 and decided to buy it. I like the fact that Jamie let me swatch a bit on my hand to see that it really is lightly tinted and that it dries to a matte finish. I absolutely abhor sticky sunblocks on my face and hate that the price of some sun protection is greasiness. 


  The product itself is very mousse-like in texture and is easily spreadable. The tint blends in with light to medium skin tones and does dry to a matte finish. I believe that V&M also uses organic ingredients that make their products especially suited towards sensitive skin. Notice that on the ingredients list for this sunblock is titanium dioxide which is a physical block rather than a chemical block. There have been issues with chemical blocks used for sunscreen as they can be harmful and cause irritation. For V&M to use titanium dioxide as an ingredient is a plus for me. 
  I'm using this sunblock right now and it doesn't feel greasy at all. I quite like it and will continue using it in the following days to see if I develop any allergic reactions.
  Lastly, I bought two soaps but have not  used them yet. Thus, I'll be saving them for a future post. 


  1. Hi! I've been thinking about the V&M Tinted Sunblock for weeks now . How is it working so far for you? I have combination skin and am currently using Nu Skin's tinted moisturizer. I hope you'd write a review soon :)

  2. I am very choosy when it comes to skin and always take products recommended by my skin doctor. This one looks good to me, I need to take input from my doctor on the same. Thank you for sharing it though

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