Simple lunch at Chelsea

  I just want to say that Chelsea is one of my favorite restaurants right now. I've heard so much about it for some time but until this year, never got to visit the place. Once I did and tried some of their dishes; I was hooked. I've ordered the soup, the pasta, the pizza and even got the cookie dough cheesecake for free thanks to the Enjoy card I had. I just keep coming back for more.
 The restaurant's full name is Chelsea Market Cafe and I  believe they are trying to imitate the ambiance of a New York cafe.

Lots of liquor ready for mixing

Cheese on display

Empty table

  This post will only feature two dishes since the portions are huge in Chelsea. Before you get started however, the waiter will always give you some free bread that was drizzled with olive oil.

Free bread

Hubby opted for water, but I wanted to drink iced tea. I opted for the sugarless iced green tea. This glass is actually big enough to be called a carafe.

Sugarless Iced Green tea P100

  I only ordered the pizza since the portions like I said are huge and it was only hubby and I eating. However, hubby ordered the baked mussels. Not something I would have ordered for myself but since it was already there I made sure to grab some. The mussels had a strangely sweet flavor to it and had no distasteful fishy taste. Squeeze the lemon on all the mussels to give the extra zing to up the flavor of the dish.

Baked Mussels

  Where else can you get a four cheese pizza that also includes mushrooms?  It is very obvious that they don't use canned sauces or mushrooms for their pizzas as the whole dish is very fresh. I love the random sprinkling of feta cheese on the pizza that gives a little salty boost whenever you bite into one. The crust is also crisp and thin. It is firm enough to not sag under the toppings but gives a nice crunch once you bite into it.

Four cheese pizza 10 inches for P495

  Overall, if you have the budget for this place I would definitely recommend you go. The food is fantastic, the ambiance and service really good but the price is a bit of a blow to your wallet. Another way to sample a lot of dishes here is to go with a lot of people. That way you can order a lot of dishes and sample them all.


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